Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guide our family

I talked about protecting our families which is extremely important. This week I'd like to talk about guiding our family. I believe in not stifling a child's creativity. But I also find that phrase means different things to different people. I do not think that letting a child do whatever they want whenever they want is a good thing. That can have an adverse effect. They can learn that it doesn't matter how they treat people because the only one that matters is their own self. Or however they act is acceptable no matter how it is. That is where I think guiding them comes into play. We teach them right and wrong actions and that wrong ones have consequences. We help lead them along a path that will assist them in becoming people others want to be around. People that think about others. Guiding them is different than dictating. It might not seem to be when they are young because we seem to always be telling them what to do. They do need to have a firm foundation of right and wrong actions to build on.  As they grow they still need guidance but they also need room to make decisions on their own. A parent trust that the guidance given as their children grow will facilitate good decision making in the rest of the lives but the final decision to ultimately up to them.  Our job as parents is to guide and protect. We need to be their biggest cheerleader. Also part of our job is to allow God to help them to become the individual He created them to be.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Protect Our Family

We should consider it a privilege to bring precious children into the world. We love them, show them off to everyone we see and enjoy watching them group. Before long they are getting around on their own. We run to their side to protect them from harm when they fall. We keep them away from things that might hurt them. A good parent protects their children the best they can from any harm. We don't protect them because it is demanded of us. We do it because we love them with everything inside of us. Do our children ever get hurt? Yes because that is life no matter how much we try, at some point in their life they get hurt. That does not mean we stop trying.  That means we are here for them letting them know we love them and will do whatever we can to help protect them. Not all children have parents that will protect them but let's don't be that parent. Let's show them the great love they deserve by being there and protecting them the best we can.