Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

God is in the furture

I have talked about God in the past and present but I also believe He is in the future. I do not think He is confined as we are to one time. He knows the future and what He has planned for each of us. I can only plan for the future. The key to the planning is to let Him guide me along the way so I will be able to fulfill what He has for me. To succeed in doing that I first must determine to be the best me possible. I always must remember that I am one of a kind and I have an important job to do. I must allow Him to plant my feet along the way that will help His plan happen. I guess I am really saying I must listen, do and be like Him, if I am able to do that than I can't go wrong. I think this applies to all of us because He created us in His image and we are valuable. We all have a job. What is yours? What is mine? Who can I reach today?   

Sunday, October 4, 2015

God is in the present

Last time I wrote about how God was in my past. At the time all of this is happening I had no idea He was there. In working through the trauma I have had to go back and revisit those days. That has also made me wonder from time to time is He even here now. I just wanted to share with you something I think is very valuable that I have learned. When I went through trauma the first time God helped me through or I would not be here. He gave me a way to cope so I did not lose my mind. He allowed me to grow into a responsible adult. During all this time He kept those secrets, those hurts, those nightmarish days hidden in my mind. When He felt I was ready to handle those days He allowed them to come to the front of my mind so I could deal with them to become the person He intended me to be. I did not have to go through those memories alone this time I have a wonderful husband, wonderful sons, wonderful therapist and wonderful friends that have helped me bear the burden of those days. Also God has been there ready to walk me through them giving peace and healing. I do believe that complete healing can come from God. Others can hear what you are saying and see how it has affected you. God can see and hear not only what you are saying but those things that you find too hard to put into words. He can also feel every feeling you are having. When God is allowed He can go to those deep parts healing every act you experienced. None of this healing could happen until I allowed people and God to help. God is here today. I want to say to you: I know you are brave you survived. You are here reading this. There are people that love and care about you and so does God. DO NOT keep believing the lies you were fed as a child. Do another brave thing if you haven't already and reach out for healing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!