Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Have you ever thought about how you listen?
Do your ears hear the words and your mind begins to think?
Or do you hear the words and your heart begins to break?

Do you take time to listen to children?
Or do you think they don't even have anything worth saying?
How do you hear the words that are spoken with a whisper?

At times it is hard for children to really know what words to use.
And when they finally are able to speak, do you listen to those stammered words?
Or must it all be right and proper for you to really hear?

Some things that children have to tell are very hard to speak
They don't even know words that fit how bad they feel inside.
So stutter, cry, even run away is what they do instead.

They are very use to people not caring how they feel or what they say
That one more time is no big deal; they kind of expect it deep inside.
They will stop talking if someone doesn't start to listen carefully.

So please consider how you listen the next time a child comes to you.
Listen with your heart and help them to know that someone loves from deep inside.
That would be the greatest thing you could give anyone.

It cost something to listen with you heart and not just your ears
It could cost you sadness, tears, and nights with a little less sleep
But just think what it will mean to a hurting person to have someone really care.

The next time you start to listen with only your ears
Stop and think how would you want someone to listen to you?
If your answer is with their heart then model this greatness to all those coming in your path.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Children have many questions they need to ask. As does some adults I know. I also know that a mom and dad sometimes wants to change their name because they get tired of mom, mom, mom or dad, dad, dad but if they are not getting information from you than who? Do you listen? It is easy to shake your head and pretend to be listening. Yes I have done that probably too many times. When you learn that the time you have with your children really does fly by, it is time for them to start the next chapter in their life. Who do you want to give them the information they carry into the next chapter.

 It is easy to set them in front of the TV, computer and other electronic devices and let them entertain themselves and it can be very profitable if done in moderation. Think with me for a moment. What are they missing? They are missing a live person to interact with, one that can listen and talk to them. Someone that is asking about their day and really caring about how
things are in their life. Before long you are both being entertained. Also someone that can share knowledge and failures gained from their own live experience.

I was a little shocked when my granddaughter told me I was the only one that listened to her. I quickly thought of the number of people she comes in contact with every day and was left with a feeling of sadness. I wondered how many times my boys felt that same way. I would like to challenge you to take a few minutes on purpose every day to listen to your child or a child you come in contact with.

Children are full of all kinds of information. It will brighten your day and the child's at the same time. I would enjoy hearing your story about a brighter day with a child because you really listened to what they were saying. Happy listening.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Protect Those Precious Little Ones

Last week I wrote about encouraging children. This week I would like to talk to you about protecting them. I know you are probably thinking you would never let anything happen to your little child. I trust we all feel that way. Does that mean nothing will ever happen? I sadly tell you no. Things are not always in our control, we do not live in a perfect world. We do the very best we can, making decisions that we feel is in the best interest of our children. Like when you make a visit to school when you find out another child is giving your precious one a problem that they cannot solve. It is good to teach your children to take up for their self. But a bully doesn't really care what you have taught your child they are still going to be mean to them. Sometimes action needs to be taken to protect your child. When you take action it shows that you love them and will do your best to protect them. It is not just other kids that our children need protected
from. There are adults in the world that are making wrong decisions which sometimes involves children. You are shouting about right now that will never happen to my child. I trust and pray you are right. What if it does? What do you do? First of all quickly get them out of that situation (I know you already knew that but I just had to put it down). Report it and get them the help they need. Assure them it is not their fault. Do not grow weary of telling them it is not their fault. All of this keeps telling them that you are there and you are protecting them.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Children Need Encouraged

When was the last time you told your child you are proud of them? I don't think we tell our children what great people they are enough. I know I don't. It is unhealthy for them to hear only the bad about who they are. People are trying to eat better so their bodies will be healthier but what about what kids are fed verbally? That sticks with them long after the vegetables are gone. When they are corrected for something they do wrong you need to let them know it is the behavior you do not like. When they are led to believe that everything they do is wrong it gives them the feeling they will never measure up. That in itself could lead to bad behavior because they start to feel you are expecting it anyway besides they can do no better. Just think about yourself for a few minutes. If your boss is always yelling at you, even when you feel certain it was a great job how do you feel? I know how awful I feel for a long time after. If we are honest with
ourselves most all of us do. It is no different with kids, they are little people remember. Try to make a new habit if you don't already once a day to tell your kid or kids how special they are and you are proud of them. If you are serious they will know. Try it and see if there is a difference. If I could I would also tell our yelling bosses to take the same approach. Everyone is special and should be treated with respect.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Children are very special people so we should treasure them. We should let them know we treasure them. We need to help them build good positive characters. They need to know they are unique. They are the only one of their kind. There will never be another one of them. There might be someone that acts like them but they will never be exactly the same. Teach them to love who they are. I do not believe that means that we approve of wrong behavior that needs to be corrected. But instruct them in right choices. We need to let them know that who they are as a person is great because God designed them that way. How fantastic is that, a perfect design from God. Matter of fact that is a good thing for everyone to remember no matter the age. I really like the sound of that "we are made perfect."