Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, November 29, 2015


    There is a place called Worthless. I know it exist because I have been there. Matter of fact I have unpacked my suitcase and stayed there a while. I did not find it to be a very cheerful place. I did find it hard to get out of once I was unpacked. I stayed for a very long time. It must have been some kind of valley. I could hear people screaming at me from two sides. On the left side I heard people saying words that repeated my worthlessness. All of which I knew all too well. I even held them close and took them as my own. For the longest time I could not even hear what was being said from the right side. I could see the people but they were not screaming. While walking in this valley I called home I stumbled into a citizen that said she was leaving. I was shocked I didn't know that was possible. She said to listen to those talking on the right side, the ones in that far away city. I wished her good travel as I miserably found my way back home. I became very weary from all the screaming I began to focus hard on that far away city. I could barely hear their words. I was amazed at what I did hear. They were not words I had heard before but they drew me to them. Those people did not scream but spoke in what seemed to be a whisper. It seemed they were speaking to me but I knew it could not be because they said I was valuable. I have never been told that before. I sorrowfully traveled that lonely path back to the place I called home. As I tried to sleep that night I could only think of those relaxing wonderful words I had heard. The hour was very early when I rose from my bed. It was with great determination I faced that day. I decided I would start my journey to that far away city. I pulled out my ear plugs that I had used when I could not stand another word and started on my journey. I did not take time to pack a bag. The feeling of urgency was upon me. I quickly left my house to be greeted by those awful words again. They caused me to slow my pace and wonder should I really do this. I struggled as I took a few more steps but the longer I listened the more insignificant I felt. The feeling of defeat started to creep in. Then I remember my ear plugs I had them in my pocket. I pulled them out and quickly put them to good use. I almost smiled at the quiet they brought. I saw other people struggling along the same road I had chosen. I took out my ear plugs for a moment to talk to one poor soul. It did not take long before I inserted them again to block out the words of defeat I began to hear. I could not allow myself to listen to such words any longer if I was going to reach my destination. I kept an eye on the distant city as I approached a very slippery slope. I took a long, long look and sat down. Tears came to my eyes I was just sure I would never be able to make it up that slope. I fell asleep dreaming how wonderful it would be to reach that city. Then I saw smiling faces assuring me I could finish the journey and conquer the mountain. I woke from my sleep and leaped to my feet to try again. I kept my ear plugs tightly in place not to hear another discouraging word. I kept telling myself I will make it, I will make it. It was such a hard trek but I kept pushing. I have arrived I told myself as I took a step facing that great city. The giant sign to the city read GREAT VALUE. Just the words made me smile. It also read "Do not carry any baggage you will be given all new things." I was glad to read that. I took out my ear plugs as I looked around. A person came quickly to my side. I started to move away when she told me there was no need to fear. Then it started a shower of wonderful words coming from every direction. I could not believe my ears. I knew I would love this place. 
    I have not forgotten those I saw along the slippery slope that had stopped and given up. I know it is hard to hear me but I would like to send you a message. You are valuable. Get up, keep pushing we are cheering for you. It is a ruff climb but I know you can do it. It is worth the struggle. We are waiting for you. Matter of fact there are a lot of people here waiting for you. Greatness is yours to have. KEEP CLIMBING YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Don't Keep Garbage

I have garbage in my life from childhood because of what was done to me. They shoveled it in and I could do nothing. I carried it because I had no choice but now I do. The choices I have are let it stink up my life or throw it away. Getting rid of it is not always easy but it can be done. When that smelly stuff gets thrown away what a relief it is. Your whole life starts smelly better and opening the door to others is even easier. Do you have garbage in your life? I would challenge you to throw it away. It might not be easy but I know you can do it. You might think I don't even know what garbage you have or how long you've had it and that is right. But I do know what garbage I had and how long I carried it. If I can do it I know you can. Remember you are not alone we are here to help each other. I believe in you because God made you special just like He did me. Happy tossing.