Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Monday, May 30, 2016

Do you have possibilities?

What kind of possibilities do you have? None, you scream at me. Then let's stop a minute and really look at what is happening in your life. Did you get you this morning? I know the answer is yes or you wouldn't be reading this. Then you have the possibility of influencing others. You do it in many different ways. You might think you have nothing to offer anyone if you really believe that than make changes. Put a positive spin to your life. No one can really do it for you. You have to determine in yourself that your life is going to change. Did you have a job? Most likely you do then you have the possibility of doing a great days work for your employer. If you feel you are in a dead end job then think about changing. If change isn't possible for now than see what you can do outside of work that will help you fulfill what your heart longs for. Take the biggest step of all and step outside of your comfort zone. It might just be baby steps to begin with and it most likely will be hard but take that first one and keep going. Now take a walk outside under the great big sky, breathe in the fresh air and decide to make something happen for yourself. It most likely will not come at once but keep thinking and working as you go about your day. Don't be afraid to accept it when someone comes around offering you an opportunity to do something different. It is might be what gives you the nudge needed along your way. You can wait until someone comes along and just hands you all the answers in a neat package but it might be an extremely long wait or it just might never arrive. To really make your dreams become reality and provide more possibilities than you can imagine you have to take action. Recognize your talents and gifts and capitalize on the possibilities they offer. Have a great day and a great time stepping outside your comfort zone.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Answer Your Phone

I was home from work the other day and thought I would call my good friend. I called her cell phone of course expecting her to pick up. I really wanted to get her opinion about a situation. To my dismay there was no answer. I assumed she would gladly pick up the phone listen carefully and give me wise advice. I knew of no one else to call at the moment most of the people I know were at work and couldn't chat during their work day. I was disappointed that when she noticed I had called she didn't just call me right back. That is why people have cell phones, right? If I was calling a house phone (for those young readers, yes some of us still have those) I could have assumed she just didn't notice that I called. With all of the great ways of staying in contact with each other sometimes we just expect people to be at our beckon call. Then when a person decides to be unreachable and have some me time we might wonder why they won't talk to us or what is wrong. Everyone needs a break from others at some point and we need to give them that space. You might wonder what to do when you feel you just have to have someone to talk. What will you do when it is the screaming of your soul deep inside and it an extreme emergency? I do have a solution for such a time of desperation. You can call on God. Not the answer you was looking for but truly He is the only one there twenty four seven. Isaiah 65:24 (NIV) says "The Lord says, "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear." Now that is someone that is always waiting and will answer your every call. Try it you might be surprised at the great response. Will you always get the answer you expected? I'm sure not. But think about this do you always like the response you get from your friends. I know I don't. Then why should we expect any different from God. I guess I'm saying don't get mad at an answer you don't like and stop talking. Try His way you might be surprised at the outcome. Don't hang up the phone on Him. If you do, please answer when He calls back, because He will call back. Sometimes it is much harder to hear our inner phone ring than a cell phone but it does ring. Have a great day listening and answering your phone.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Is God real?

God is not real. He couldn't be if He is allowing wickedness to fill the world. If he is real and loving how could he let innocent little children get hurt they haven't done anything to anyone? How could he allow my best friend to have a car accident and die? Why did he permit my dad to leave when I was real little and didn't even get to know him? Why did he allow my mom to die when I was born and I had to be raised by someone else? There are a million questions as to why or how he allowed or caused things to happen. We all have or had them at one time or other. If he is real than there would be no evil in the world everything would be peaceful and wonderful. Therefore, He is not real. I think that would be great. But that my friend is the ideal world which we do not live in. I have never read any history that tells me the world was without trouble and only wonderful things happened. But I have read about wars and wickedness from as far back as time is recorded. The Bible is also full of such times. I believe God is real in spite of all of that. The wonderful thing about His creation of man is that He gave us a free will. A mind to reason things out and make decisions. He gave us a heart to love or not to love, the choice to decide whether we will do good or bad. If He did not do that we would be no more than robots. We would all be programed to do whatever He wants us to do. He did not want that. He wants us to choose to love Him. In loving Him we learn how to love and treat others. The trouble starts when we decide we are going to do things our way. When wrong choices are made they impact others which cause a chain reaction of mistreatment. We can choose to believe our choices don't affect others but that is far from the truth. Unless you live on an island isolated for the rest of the world. But most likely you do not. I know I sure don't. I come into contact with people all day long. It is much easier for me to point my finger at someone else in blame. But really where does the fault lay for the wrong in the world? It seems quite simple: it lies with each of us stacking wrong choices on top of each other. I don't believe this world will ever be perfect but it can be better. I believe God can help that when we put our trust back into Him. Than to the best of our ability do what He is asking of us to do. So is God real? I vote YES. What will your vote be? Your vote does count and it will make a difference. Every vote counts in the eyes and heart of God.