Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Saturday, September 26, 2015

God was in my past.

Looking at my background it might make you wonder where was God. I have asked myself that question many times. As I sit back and take a long look at my life I can see Him. God gave me a creative and very helpful way to deal with the abuse that was happening. He also led a pastor of a little country church my way. He invited us to church and our parents allowed us to attend. I began to learn about God and His love. God instilled in me a great desire to do the right thing. He helped me to hide His word in my heart, so while the abuse was happening I had something loving to think about. He also allowed my mind to hide what was happening so I could function as I needed to. He kept putting people in my life that helped me to see that I was not a horrible person. They kept directing me toward God. God was faithful and kept leading me: to Bible College, to the mission field, also sent me a husband and allowed me to have to two wonderful sons. He then led us to Mississippi. He was putting people here in place to help me work through what had happened to me so I could become the person He intended for me to be. He was there carrying me many times when I could not even see the path that I was to walk. God doesn't always take us out of a bad situation but He always gives us the strength to make it through if we ask Him. Look for God He is there.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where is God?

The question for me has not been is there a God. The question has been "where is God?" The fact that I could not see or touch Him was not the problem. The problem was manifested when I was being hurt and He did not stop it. I would cry out in my heart for Him to stop what was happening. He did not but He gave me strength to get through it. It was not the solution I would have chosen but it worked. I am here today. As a child I began to believe that He was only around when I was doing good things. I was so very wrong. I didn't understand that He is everywhere all the time. Also that He loves me unconditionally. Matter of fact I didn't know what that was. Where was God? He was there protecting me. If you are wondering where God is in your life just stop and think for a moment. See if you can discover Him in your life in the here and now. Think about your past also and see if you can find Him there. After you have time to think about where He is or was for you and would like just message me I would enjoy hearing from you. Maybe we can help each other discover where He is and was for us all. I will be back next week to share with you where He was in my past.