Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bridge over troubled water

I am not fond of going over bridges. I have a sister that also shares that feeling. Many years ago when we were kids she was driving my brother and me someplace but in order to reach our destination we had to cross a bridge. I had no idea of her fear nor did my brother. She was driving I was looking out the window at the nice calm water. All of a sudden I heard my brother scream at the top of his lungs at her to open her eyes. I quickly shot them a look. He had a look of panic on his face and was holding onto the stirring wheel with a death grip. My sister had her eyes looked just as tight as he had the stirring wheel. I was very thankful he was the one sitting close to her because he was paying attention to the driving. He held the stirring wheel tightly the rest of the way over that short bridge. I believe she kept her eyes closed the rest of the way over the bridge. It was a frightful experience and helped to increase my fear of crossing bridges. My brother and I were not old enough to drive. We were sure we could count on her to get us safely over the bridge to our journey's end. She allowed her fear to overtake leaving us to handle the situation. A big thank you to my brave brother who helped us reach the end of the bridge safely. I think about that situation often when I hear the song Bridge Over Troubled Water. The song is telling us that God is like a bridge for us. He will lay Himself down over our rough times and guide us across. When the troubles of life make the water choppy that we need to cross what do we do? Or who do we allow to stir us to safety? Do we try to cross it all by ourselves closing our eyes in hopes of reaching the other side? I can tell you this, had my brother not interceded for us we would have crashed. We would have never reached our destination. I think it is a great idea to allow God to be our bridge over trouble times. Or if we find ourselves going over it at least allow Him to grab the stirring wheel and finish driving us to safety. He is strong, safe, and dependable. We will never have to worry about crossing the stormy waters with Him at the wheel. He will always hold on tight and keep us going straight. If we try all by ourselves the fear might overwhelm us causing us to take our hands off the wheel sending us crashing and sinking. The question I am left with is, "Who am I (or you) going to let be my bridge or guide me (or you) over the rough times in my life? I think I'll do my best to allow God to have full control of this vessel so I can reach my finally destination safely. What about you? Have a safe trip crossing your troubled waters of life.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Claim your hope

Are there things in your life that keep you tied up and afraid? Does it seem all hope is lost? Do you keep thinking why should you keep hanging around? Do you believe all the negative things people have said about you? Does this sound like you? I also have walking or crawled down that path, the trail of despair. I also have believed all the negative things that have been said about me until I saw no positive things at all. When I gave way to those fears I gave them complete control of my life. When this happened I found myself in a state that was not pleasant. It's effect on me was: I struggled to put one foot in front of the other, fighting to just get out of bed, not feeling like eating, somedays not even eating, not caring if I saw another person, closing the curtains so no one could see me, hiding in my house and really not wanting to even exist any longer. I had absolutely no hope. I learned I did not have to stay in that state. Great news for you, you also don't have to stay in that state either. This is how I got out. First I had to allow someone to help because I could not help myself I was too far in the deep pit. I didn't want to ask for help but I had to bite the bullet and do it anyway. I did not enjoy the miserable state I found myself in. Do you enjoy your state? Second I had to trust them to help me. I had learned at an early age not to trust people. The move to except help was a giant one. Then I had to believe that I could regain the hope that I had lost, or get hope that I felt I never had. It was not an easy adventure. But I desired to be set free from my hopelessness that was my constant companion. I wanted to never see that long time chum again. I was shocked and surprised to see how many people were really willing to help me change the state I was in. You might have already tried and given up feeling like what's the use. I also understand that I had too. But I am here to tell you keep trying there is freedom from the chains that are so tightly wrapped around you. I have been able to break my chains and throw them away.  You might be surprised at how many people are willing to help you to find the hope that you need to reach your freedom. Take a deep breath and reach out and allow that to happen. You are not alone. God has put people out there that are just waiting with the help you need. Do not allow another day to go by without beginning your search for the hope you lost or if you're like me never had. Hope is yours for the seeking. Have a great day searching and finding your hope.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Who's responsible for who?

When a child is born who is responsible for them? The parents are of course. They are responsible to keep them fed, sheltered and all around care. A loving parent takes on those responsibilities without even a thought. I'm not saying children don't try the patience. Even with that thought the parent continues to the best they know how. Those loving parents train them to be responsible people. The goal is to train them so they can go into the world when they are old enough and make a great contribution to society. We count it a privilege to have these little ones for a number of years under our care. We do the best we know how, then leave the rest in God's hands. They become adults then what? Are you still accountable for their behavior? I don't believe we are. They do not ask us to make all of their decisions. Even if we try the chances are they will not listen. They will quickly say "I am adult now and I can do what I want". Even though we feel bad when they made bad judgements we are not responsible. They might try to give you us guilt trip by tell us it is all their fault. I believe they might do this so they don't have to except responsibility for their actions. It is much easier to blame someone else for your mistakes than to take the blame yourself, that is true for all of us. But everyone is accountable for what they do and say. As they are adults we need to continue to love and accept them but that doesn't mean we have to approve of their wrong behavior.  When they were a child we didn't approve and it should not change. People should not judge us because of our adult child's wrong behavior. If they must judge than give it to the party responsible for the actions. There are times a parent still feels that if they would have done something different maybe their child wouldn't have made wrong decisions. But as a parent we cannot allow that to overshadow the respectable job we have done. We are not perfect just like our children are not. If God is not telling us their behavior is our fault than don't let anyone else. We are each held accountable for our own actions in the sight of God and that is what counts. God loves us in our imperfections as we should love others with theirs. You are responsible for you and no one else. We should stop blaming and start excepting the consequences of the decisions we make. The only way I see of making wholesome choices is by allowing God to direct you in the right way. Have a great day allowing God to help with your decisions.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What have you learned?

I have just finished reading a wonderful book it is a classic, "Hinds' Feet On High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. (It can be purchased on Amazon) It described the struggle a girl named Much-Afraid. She has been trying to reach the high place. The Good Shepherd helps her along the way also he gives her two companions to assist on her journey. In spite of the assistance the trails of life were not taken away. Family members and town people keep trying to trip her up and make her stop her quest but she keeps pushing forward. The whole book is very much like the struggles we face in our life's journey. She finally makes it to the High Place and the Good Shepherd asks her what she learned. Her response is what I would like to share right from the book. "First," said she (Much-Afraid). "I learned that I must accept with joy all that you allowed to happen to me on the way and everything to which the path led me! That I was never to try to evade it but to accept it and lay down my own will on the altar and say, "Behold me, I am thy little handmaiden Acceptance-with-Joy.' Then I learned that I must bear all that others were allowed to do against me and to forgive with no trace of bitterness and to say to thee, 'Behold me-I am thy little handmaiden Bearing-with-Lover," that I may receive power to bring good out of this evil."  These words are great ones for us to keep in mind. We will face struggles but the key is to overcome, don't allow them to keep you down. Keep pushing forward. We all can do it, many before us have and so can we. What will you answer be when someone asks you "what have you learned?" Have a great day.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Have you ever had times you have felt overwhelmed? There are times I have a number of things I need to do and everything is important and good stuff. I become overwhelmed then if I'm not careful I just walk around shaking my head. I can tell you shaking my head doesn't get any of them done which can lead straight to great discouragement. I would like to share with you these words from Michael Sanders I read in the other days devotional. He said a friend of his gave him this advice for those times. "Do what you can and give the rest a nod and a prayer." I thought that was interesting and I was thankful he went on explained. "A nod indicated that we see the problem, we are not turning a blind eye to it or ignoring it. That problem will just have to wait its turn. A prayer says that for the moment we are leaving it in the hands of God. Perhaps God has another servant equipped and better prepared for the challenge."  Just reading that gives me a freeing feeling. My goal is learn to do that with everything. I believe it will help life run a little smother. If you share the same problem I challenge you to join Michael Sanders and me in making this our practice. Have a great time nodding and praying.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Shelter

"For You have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy." Psalm 61:3
Those words have been very true in my life. I started attending church at six. I needed something safe to hold onto and I found that in God. Did I understand all of what God was about? No and I still don't to this day. I guess if I did I would be god and I am so not. What I do understand is that God is kind, patient, understanding and all around love. In the dark hours of my life I have reached out and held onto Him. I have not always done, said or acted right but in spite of it all He has been there. I have not always felt Him. I have not always believed He was even caring. But what I have discovered is even in the hardest time of life He is there. I think He is just waiting for us to reach out to Him. To really know Him we need to keep in constant communion with Him. It is not easy but doable. We will go through hard times. That's a fact but the question we should give great consideration to where are we going to run for shelter? The world offers a lot of different things to help us block out the fact that we even have any problems. But how do they make you feel after? What do your actions say about your character? If it is done in secret just think how you would feel if your best friend found out? I think of the hidden sin of my father and wonder what the people he worked with would think if they knew. Do they help solve your problem or just mask it until it raises its old nasty head again? I know that when I allow God to be my shelter: first I know He is safe, second I know He will protect me from the circumstances, third I know He will help me through and last that He has the solution waiting to guide to the end of the battle. I would encourage you to seek God out and see what a great shelter He is in times of the storms. May your shelter stand firm and help you become a better person through all the tuff times.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Who should judge?

I think it would not be easy to be a judge. They have a very important job. They decide with the help of a jury and testimony of others if the person is guilty of a crime or if there has been a mistake. They render the verdict of guilty or not guilty. If guilty they state the sentence. I would not want to be the one that said those final words of judgement. What if I was not given all the important information and I ruined someone's life? I'm not sure how I could handle that but I do applaud those that have taken that job of great responsibility. But what about those that appoint their self as judge, jury and executioner. We had a person that confronted us with a guilty verdict before he even knew any facts. He didn't come to seek out what facts or truth he seemed to have only come with a sentence. He did not have a compassionate heart it was only one ready to judge. Had he taken time to listen to what we had to say in our defense he would have seen the whole situation very differently and the sentence would have been different I am sure. He totally drew his conclusion on his own thinking and no facts. His judgement did more harm to the brokenness we were already suffering. After he passed the sentence he left and we sat in shock. I don't know why he thought he could play judge. I think we should leave the judging to those in the courts and God. If we think a person has a problem than we should go to them not to judge but to help. Approach them with love and concern. Ask and listen to what is in their troubled soul. After you have heard what their concerns and problems are then offer help if you can. If you cannot help still show love. We all need guidance from time to time but we never need condemnation. We are all fallible humans so be careful about passing judgement on others. If we do not serve as a judge in the court system (we should be praying for them) than we should leave the judging up to God. "Judge not least you be judged yourself." (Matthew 7:1 NASB) God knows all the matters of the heart allow Him to be your the judging when it is needed. He does all things with understanding and love. We should always be loving and carin

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just begin talking

Have you been struggling with how to talk to God? Can't find the right words or position? Stop struggling and just begin talking. He hears us no matter what we say or in what position we are in to say it. People are the ones that get all tied up in things like that. I have found that God hears us when we stammer around not even knowing what words to say. There are times words can't even be found to express what is deep inside, He understands that also. That seems to be when it is the easiest to just give up and just walk away feeling defeated. Don't let that stop you from reaching out. People sometimes don't understand us when we are like that but God does. He did wire us the way we are, unique and special I mean. I think He would like for us to talk to Him like He is our best friend. It is not easy because that doesn't fit into how we have always thought. I do believe it is worth giving a try. Don't throw away the idea without giving it a try and I don't just mean one day try. There are many things we don't like after just one time of trying but how surprised we have been after many tries of eating different foods, playing games or whatever it is that you have learned to enjoy because you kept trying. I challenge you as I do myself to start today and practice talking to God like a dear friend. Remember it might take a few times or even a lot of times but I believe we will all find it worth the effort. Have a great time talking to your new friend.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Magic Slippers

At the end of the movie the Wizard of Oz, Glinda the good witch says to Dorothy "Those magic slippers will take you home." Dorothy clicked her heels and there she was home again. I would love to have some magic slippers that I could just click my heels and be wherever I wanted. At least I think I would. Who knows where I would go? What if that place is not really where God wants me to be at that moment? What a mess I could find myself in all because I just had to go right there right now. The place might not be the problem. The problem could just be the timing. If I go to fast I might not have the learning experiences needed to handle the situation I find myself in at that moment. It might just cause me to stumble around getting no place real fast. It also might cause more hurt than help to others and myself. Matter of fact I would miss all the wonderful opportunities that life's journey takes me on. I have found times of storms to be a great learning experience, not to joyful sometimes but learning. I need to be willing to walk through those storms to get to the good stuff or blessings. Is there good stuff or blessings you might ask? I believe there is. We just have to keep pushing until we reach them. I guess I will stop searching for the magical shoes that will take me directly to where I wish to go. Instead I will leave on my old worn tennis shoes and keep walking even if sometimes the walk gets very slow and I ache from the path I travel. Have you been searching for your magical slippers? Maybe you need to join me by putting on your old worn tennis shoes, tie them up and keep walking. It is really not how fast you get there it is that you get there. God will still be there when you arrive even if it takes you longer than you want. God will help us on our life's journey if we let Him. He also knows how fast we need to go. We need to let Him provide the magic slippers if He wants us there in an instant. Have a great time walking.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Be a friend, have a friend.

When I heard my phone ring and saw who was calling I was excited to see it was my dear friend. I had not talked to her for a long while so I quickly answered my phone with a chipper voice. To find the person on the other end was a not the chipper voice I had expected. It was a sad frustrated one as she began to pour out her heart to me I understood why. Her daughter was very ill had been in and out of the hospital. Bottom line she needed surgery. The surgery could not be done right now the wait was a month out. Her daughter was in pain and she just didn't know what to do for her. After she talked for a few minutes she calmed down a little. I tried to comfort her with what little words of wisdom I could think of. But I could not assure her that her daughter would come out of this in great shape. I trust that will be the case but I am not a doctor. The doctor is the only one that can give her that assurance. What I am is a friend that can listen and be for support in whatever way is possibly can. There are times that is all a person needs is someone to listen and care. We don't always need to fix things. People don't always need a fixer upper they just need a friend. They need someone that loves, cares, and is willing to listen without being judgmental. Always pattern to others how you would like them to act to you when you call them in a difficult situation. You never know when you will be the one that gets the curve ball and need a friend that just loves and cares for you. Be a friend, have a friend. Have a great day.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Do you have possibilities?

What kind of possibilities do you have? None, you scream at me. Then let's stop a minute and really look at what is happening in your life. Did you get you this morning? I know the answer is yes or you wouldn't be reading this. Then you have the possibility of influencing others. You do it in many different ways. You might think you have nothing to offer anyone if you really believe that than make changes. Put a positive spin to your life. No one can really do it for you. You have to determine in yourself that your life is going to change. Did you have a job? Most likely you do then you have the possibility of doing a great days work for your employer. If you feel you are in a dead end job then think about changing. If change isn't possible for now than see what you can do outside of work that will help you fulfill what your heart longs for. Take the biggest step of all and step outside of your comfort zone. It might just be baby steps to begin with and it most likely will be hard but take that first one and keep going. Now take a walk outside under the great big sky, breathe in the fresh air and decide to make something happen for yourself. It most likely will not come at once but keep thinking and working as you go about your day. Don't be afraid to accept it when someone comes around offering you an opportunity to do something different. It is might be what gives you the nudge needed along your way. You can wait until someone comes along and just hands you all the answers in a neat package but it might be an extremely long wait or it just might never arrive. To really make your dreams become reality and provide more possibilities than you can imagine you have to take action. Recognize your talents and gifts and capitalize on the possibilities they offer. Have a great day and a great time stepping outside your comfort zone.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Answer Your Phone

I was home from work the other day and thought I would call my good friend. I called her cell phone of course expecting her to pick up. I really wanted to get her opinion about a situation. To my dismay there was no answer. I assumed she would gladly pick up the phone listen carefully and give me wise advice. I knew of no one else to call at the moment most of the people I know were at work and couldn't chat during their work day. I was disappointed that when she noticed I had called she didn't just call me right back. That is why people have cell phones, right? If I was calling a house phone (for those young readers, yes some of us still have those) I could have assumed she just didn't notice that I called. With all of the great ways of staying in contact with each other sometimes we just expect people to be at our beckon call. Then when a person decides to be unreachable and have some me time we might wonder why they won't talk to us or what is wrong. Everyone needs a break from others at some point and we need to give them that space. You might wonder what to do when you feel you just have to have someone to talk. What will you do when it is the screaming of your soul deep inside and it an extreme emergency? I do have a solution for such a time of desperation. You can call on God. Not the answer you was looking for but truly He is the only one there twenty four seven. Isaiah 65:24 (NIV) says "The Lord says, "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear." Now that is someone that is always waiting and will answer your every call. Try it you might be surprised at the great response. Will you always get the answer you expected? I'm sure not. But think about this do you always like the response you get from your friends. I know I don't. Then why should we expect any different from God. I guess I'm saying don't get mad at an answer you don't like and stop talking. Try His way you might be surprised at the outcome. Don't hang up the phone on Him. If you do, please answer when He calls back, because He will call back. Sometimes it is much harder to hear our inner phone ring than a cell phone but it does ring. Have a great day listening and answering your phone.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Is God real?

God is not real. He couldn't be if He is allowing wickedness to fill the world. If he is real and loving how could he let innocent little children get hurt they haven't done anything to anyone? How could he allow my best friend to have a car accident and die? Why did he permit my dad to leave when I was real little and didn't even get to know him? Why did he allow my mom to die when I was born and I had to be raised by someone else? There are a million questions as to why or how he allowed or caused things to happen. We all have or had them at one time or other. If he is real than there would be no evil in the world everything would be peaceful and wonderful. Therefore, He is not real. I think that would be great. But that my friend is the ideal world which we do not live in. I have never read any history that tells me the world was without trouble and only wonderful things happened. But I have read about wars and wickedness from as far back as time is recorded. The Bible is also full of such times. I believe God is real in spite of all of that. The wonderful thing about His creation of man is that He gave us a free will. A mind to reason things out and make decisions. He gave us a heart to love or not to love, the choice to decide whether we will do good or bad. If He did not do that we would be no more than robots. We would all be programed to do whatever He wants us to do. He did not want that. He wants us to choose to love Him. In loving Him we learn how to love and treat others. The trouble starts when we decide we are going to do things our way. When wrong choices are made they impact others which cause a chain reaction of mistreatment. We can choose to believe our choices don't affect others but that is far from the truth. Unless you live on an island isolated for the rest of the world. But most likely you do not. I know I sure don't. I come into contact with people all day long. It is much easier for me to point my finger at someone else in blame. But really where does the fault lay for the wrong in the world? It seems quite simple: it lies with each of us stacking wrong choices on top of each other. I don't believe this world will ever be perfect but it can be better. I believe God can help that when we put our trust back into Him. Than to the best of our ability do what He is asking of us to do. So is God real? I vote YES. What will your vote be? Your vote does count and it will make a difference. Every vote counts in the eyes and heart of God.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Daddy is our Easter bunny
Because he is our big honey
We will give dad lots of candy
Because he is so handy
Hiding eggs is so much fun
We will do it in the sun
We will give him kisses and hugs
As we lay on our rugs


                                                                 Daddy is our Easter bunny
Because he is our big honey
We will give dad lots of candy
Because he is so handy
Hiding eggs is so much fun
We will do it in the sun
We will give him kisses and hugs
As we lay on our rugs

Sunday, April 17, 2016


 Who have I found or who has found me?
That is what I want to know
I see him look at me but I am not sure I believe my eyes
Now I do know it was not the person next to me
But me that caught his gaze
I knew there had to be a person out there like this
Who would have thought we would find each other
He is a thoughtful, caring, and a loving person
One that anyone would be proud to be with
But me I'm the fortunate one
The one blessed with his presence
The one sharing his time and love
God sure is good to me, He saw my longing
And chose to send this great guy my way
To love and take care of me and me him
God thank you for loving me so much
That You sent such a wonderful gift my way
And gave me eyes to see such a treasure
Now Lord help me to be the great mate he will need
And help us both to keep You at the center
Because You are the one that makes all things possible

Monday, April 11, 2016


Yes, that is my dad you hear
I know it is not the best of noise
When he sings that beautiful song
He does look very cheerful though
As he smiles and sings so very loud
I know he cannot carry a tune
That is why I call him, daddy flat note
Watch those sparkling eyes of his
He loves to sing so very much
I love to watch his beaming face
As he makes that awful noise
I put cotton in my ears and smile real big
That's how I can enjoy his singing so much
Is a good tune all that important?
I don't think so, try cotton and you will see
How much better it will sound
I just enjoy watching his beaming face
I love my daddy flat note
Whatever kind of noise he makes

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Come back, come back!
Where have you gone?
I long for your presence
For you to engulf me
Instead the darkness comes
But you, you I cannot find
I am glad for the little times
You come for a short visit
As you leave I cry
Come back, come back!
Do you not hear?
What makes you leave?
Do you have no choice?
Do you not care?
How long must I wait
For such a sweet return
How long can I wait
Before I can take no more?
Come back, come back!
I scream again and again
If you had a phone
I would call or text
To beg your return
You are like a dear friend
I impatiently wait your return
SLEEP, oh SLEEP listen
To these pleading words
Come back, come back!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Love your neighbor as yourself. -- Luke 10:27 (NIV)

I have always thought people should treat each other like they want to be treated. But when I read this with my literal mind I think it gives the people that do not love their self an out. Maybe that is why there is so many people treating others terribly. I believe we should treat others as people of great value. Your mind might quickly say it doesn't matter how people treat me. As a child I had no say in how people treated me. I thought I deserved any mistreatment that happened and it didn't matter. That is not really true no matter how much I bought into it or how much you buy into it. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. If you choose not to return that same loving treatment shame on you. That still gives me no right to return cruel treatment with cruel treatment. Reality is: deep inside it really does matter how each of us are treated. Let's be an example of someone that follows the golden rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". So when someone imitates your behavior it will be one of loving self and neighbor. Have a great day loving each other.

Monday, March 21, 2016


There have been days I felt like I was going to drown, in the troubles of life. I was going under for the third time and I was sure no one even noticed. I tried to yell but the troubles kept pouring in choking me, making me powerless. I could not get the words that I needed out to ask for the help I longed for. I thought I heard someone yell to just reach up and grab their hand. I could not believe there was someone there so I did not reach out. Again I heard a voice saying give me your troubles. I reached up my hand and I felt a strong hand taking mine. "He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters (troubles)." (Psalm 18:16) I almost missed the help that was offered. I challenge you to listen, reach your hand out and don't miss the help. Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is courage?

I think it is when someone keeps going even when they feel like they cannot take another step. Like the lion on the Wizard of Oz. He kept going on his journey to the wizard even though he came across obstacles that were frightful. He kept putting one foot in front of the other and kept moving. There were times he needed encouragement from his friends but he kept going. Also when his friends needed him he was there for them. His whole journey to the wizard was showing courage. He felt like he didn't have it until the wizard gave him a metal that said courage. But the truth is he had it all along. How many times do you think you have no courage at all? Stop and evaluate. When things get hard do you keep getting up? Do you take a step when you feel like you just can't? Do you keep pushing when you think things are just too frightful? My friend you have courage if you answer yes to any of those questions. You might need friends to help you but there is nothing wrong with that. As friends we should be there to lend a helping hand to those that are weak. You will not always be weak. Hold your head high and take courage my friend. If you need me I am here to help as my friends have there for me. Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gel Pen Magic

A number of years ago when gel pens first came out I thought they were the greatest. Then came black paper to use with those fabulous pens. Of course I had to have both. I thought it was awesome to see how that ink showed up on the paper. A regular pen was harder to read and was not half as bright. The ink from the gel pen made the words look like they was going to jump off the paper. The once dull black paper was given a new bright look, that was very cool. I think that is kind of how our lives are sometimes. We have made mistakes and darkened our lives. We use a pencil trying to right the wrong but it is hardly even noticed. Then we go to a regular pen that will make a bigger impression to find the result is still not the best. Try as we might we cannot brighten our lives very much. Discouragement sets in leaving us wondering can life get better. Then if we're not careful we just start moping around living in that darkness. Woe is me attitude. To change the gloom we need to allow God to write His grace on the darkness of our heart. It will improve our lives permitting us to see things in a brighter, healthier way. I think I will do my best to allow God to use His gel pen on my life. What about you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are you smiling?

Are you smiling?
I'm smiling as I look at the people I pass. I got questioning looks and some people hurried right on by like something was very wrong. A brave soul stopped me. "What makes you smile so big" she asked with a frown on her face. "I smile because I'm different or unique as I like to think" I said. I felt my smile begin to grow just at the thought. This dear lady looked a little confused. "What troubles you" I asked as I watched her puzzled face. "Being different is not something to be so proud of" she said next to tears. "I disagree dear friend. Unique is great when you realized God took such care to make us that way. That tells me we are all very special to Him" I said as I looked into her troubled eyes. "Even me?" she asked. "Even you dear friend" I said with great confidence. She stood not speaking a word. I could tell that something quickly popped into her mind. She was lost in thought for a few minutes as I waited. Tears began to stream down her face. "I had been told that in Sunday School as a child…... I guess I had forgotten….. I have been busy trying to do good things…… and I lost sight of the fact that God loves me for who I am. Thank you for such a great reminder." she said with great brokenness of speak. I smiled at her and said "You're welcomed". As she turned to walk away I saw a big smile creeping across her now shining face. I am sure she will be stopped as I was, I thought as I began walking again with an even bigger smile than before. The next time you see someone smiling remember it might just be because they know how special they are. But you never know about some of us we also might be up to something. Have a happy smiling day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

God does answer pray.

It was my privilege to spend time with a retired missionary when I was in Bible College. She served in India for many years. She told how God took care of her in many life threatening situations. Her stories were also full of marvelous answers to prayers. She shared something I pray I will never forget. It was when she came back to the states to visit churches a number of people started asking her if anything happened on such and such a day because God brought her to their mind for prayers. Up to that point she never thought about writing anything down. When she returned to India she made it a point to keep a journal of those extra special times. Then when she came home she found those dates corresponded with those of the praying people in the states. I began to wonder if that is why people popped into my mind. I started the practice of praying for those individuals that came to my mind, in spite of the fact I didn't know what was going on. I have not really asked anyone to check dates. My prayers might just be short  or it might be one that goes throughout the whole day. As long as they stay on my mind I kept praying. I probably will never know what was going on in their lives and I am fine with that. My responsibility is to pray. "Pray without ceasing." I Thessalonians 5:2. God does the rest. I want to challenge you to pray for those that come to your mind. We never know what hard times another person might be having.