Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Have you been hit in the face with life?

Have you ever been hit right between the eyes with a ball? I must say I have been hit in the face with one that left me spinning for a long while. What do you do then? When it happened to me I was able to catch the ball for an out. I know you are wondering how. I was wondering the same thing when I realized I had it in my hands. I did get cheered on as to what a good catch. I was more concerned with the pain but I smiled like a trooper blocking the pain and enjoying the victory. What happens when life hits you between the eyes? We are facing a situation right now in our lives that we literally never saw coming. 

This is not the first time we got whammed in the face by life without a warning. I think there are times in most everyone's life when a wham happens but what are you going to do with when that happens? I can share with you what I have been doing the past couple of days after I got slapped in the fact. The first thing that comes to your mind is that I write but that is so not the first thing I do. When the shock factor wears off a little I first say "God what is this all about?" Then I go into full panic mood especially when it involves children. Who am I trying to fool I go into panic mood anyway, but with children it is worse. Then I try to get all the facts and see if there is something I can do. I pray God will work things out according to His will, and at some point I try to tell Him what I think that is. Then when I realize that is happening I try again to back paddle and really mean His will even if that is different than what I want. I read scripture and pray that God help everyone concerned.  Then I space out and play computer games while I think and pray. I also have just added walking, the exercise, helps clear my mind so I can think clearer. The whole time I am going through this I am talking to God about the situation. Yes, I stew too much but I am working on that, remember we are all a work in progress.

This morning after I came back from my walk I got a text from my husband, Steve, with a scripture for the day it is Psalm 34: 15-22. I opened my Bible and began to read (it is well worth your read right now). All I could say was WOW. I want to share a verse with you out of those verses and it is verse 17 "The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles." That does not mean that trouble will disappear.  But God will be there in spite of what it is we are going through and deliver us. I think the whole key when we get hit between the eyes with life is to keep God right in the center of the situation. It is not always easy you might say. But I assure you I understand and I also know that the more you do it the easier it will be. I challenge you to keep trying and God will reward all of your efforts.  

Teen Depression

Depression is a real thing. We seem to have very little problem in believing that adults suffer from being depressed but what about children. It does not surprise me that children also suffer from being depressed. We as a society put a lot of pressure on children to be little adults. Wake up they are not little adults. I also have been guilty of expecting my children and grandchildren to act like little adults. They need to be perfect, right? Wrong they need to be children. I do think they need to be well behaved but they need time to run and play. They need to let their imaginations run wild in discovery. They should not have to struggle with decisions that an adult should be making for them. What about peer pressure? I know that can be a damaging thing but today it seems worse. I think it is highly due to social media. The child that might never say anything in person might blow up different avenues of social media about a person, than the whole world sees. One quick action may cause a child to suffer for a long time to come. They might suffer great pain in silence for a long time before the problem is discovered.  Also peer pressure happens to children at school the ones that look and act different. The verbal abuse they suffer becomes unreal. What about those that aren't making the grades everyone thinks they should? What harassment they go through because they get labeled stupid. This is not just among the students some teachers facilitate this by the words they choose to use to the students. We all need to be careful what words we use they can be very damaging. After this goes on for a prolonged period depression can set in and we might have never realized there was even a problem. Some children never say anything they choose to live with the inner torment in silence. What if it is a family situation? In divorced families (not all by any means) one parent might be angry at the other for what has happened and they take it out on the child. Who wants to say anything in a situation like that, not to many children I know. They love both of their parents, so not a word will they speak. From the outside everything appears great but not on the inside. Then the child begins to change.
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            There are a number of signs to watch for that indicates that your child has a problem that needs attention. The first thing you probably would notice is changed behavior. Other things you might want to beware of is change in appetite from not having one to over eating, change in their social life, wanting to sleep all the time or complaining that they can't sleep and not wanting to go to a certain classes or hang with certain people. Or a very popular child might all of a sudden complain about not having any friends. I understand that some of these things can be just a stage they are going through but if it is a prolonged pattern than you need to investigate. Be active in your child's life. Talk to them and see if you can get to the bottom of the issue, if they will not talk to you than get them someone to talk to. Don't play the blame game, play the action game. Your child is the important one right now. If depression goes untreated it can turn into suicidal thinking. Also don't rule out the fact it can be a chemical imbalance as well, if that is the case it also needs treated.
My suggestion is to really make it a matter of prayer, ask others to pray, and seek professional help if needed. There are trained people out there that love the Lord. Find the one that fits your child's personality the best. Talk to the counselor first to see what you think, then you and your child talk to them and see what the child thinks, then make a decision. After the decision is made listen to your child and see if there starts to be changes in a positive way. It might take a little while, damage to a child doesn't happen overnight it will not get fixed overnight. Keep praying for both your child and the counselor. Help your child feel safe in talking to you about everything, don't be judgmental just listen. Some things might be hard to hear but allow them to be spoken then the two of you can work through whatever the situation. Getting to the root of the problem can and will bring healing. The important thing is to keep open and listen with your heart as well as your ears. Always remember that child loves you. You love them. God loves you both. Allow God to help you both find the healing needed for the hurt that causes the depression. May God direct you in the right paths.

Monday, May 13, 2019


As I take an unwanted walk I am overcome

With a feeling that I cannot run from

It is working its way into my feet

I don't know if I can move but I must

It keeps moving up my legs

They are weak – I hope they will hold me

On no!! They have become like jelly

I keep on standing even though they shake

It's adding another part - my stomach

I think it is burrowing a hole in there

No maybe it is churning butter- it is going in circles

I am sick what is going to happen to all my food

Help me – it is not stopping – where else can it go

It is in my chest – I think my heart will stop

That cannot happen I will die

No it speeds up faster and faster – it beats

I think it will come right out of my chest

I cannot get it to slow down it just will not

My arms are becoming weak and shaky
I hope I don't have to hold anything

I'm sure it would drop to the ground

They move like rubber having no control

What am I going to do?

It even goes into my head

My head is spinning like a merry-go-round

Something is happening to my brain

Oh no!! It happened – I cannot think right

My whole body is full of FEAR

What do I do? It has a strong hold

I can't shake it by myself

I am not sure anyone can help free me

CAN I FIND HELP????????????

My mind keeps hearing a voice saying

God can, God can, God can, God can

I am not sure I believe this BUT

I must – He may be my only hope

I try calling His name

I do not hear an answer

Maybe it is my nonworking brain

That is strange – my head stopped spinning

Calm is starting to come over my body

I am getting strength back into my arms

I can move them as I like

How odd is all of this? It is leaving

My heart has slowed its beating

I can breathe without a fight

I think I will make it!! How strange!!

Still I have not heard God speak

The churning and burrowing has stopped

I think I will be able to keep my food

Things are looking up for me

Maybe that fear is on the run

My legs are regaining their strength

I can stand strong and walk

My feet will carry me where I must go

Strange how the changes are happening

I called God's name but had no answer

The FEAR has not won

I can handle what I must

I can make it to another day

What if that was Gods' answer

The quiet answer in the noise

The warmth that runs through my blood

Keeping me safe when I feel unsafe

Holding my hand when I feel alone

It has to be God – who else would know?

Thank You for helping me see

You are the HOPE I always needed

Thank You for taking the fear

Making me an overcomer