Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Monday, March 5, 2018


As I take an unwanted walk I am overcome
With a feeling that I cannot run from
It is working its way into my feet
I don't know if I can move but I must
It keeps moving up my legs
They are weak – I hope they will hold me
On no!! They have become like jelly
I keep on standing even though they shake
It's adding another part - my stomach
I think it is burrowing a hole in there
No maybe it is churning butter- it is going in circles
I am sick what is going to happen to all my food
Help me – it is not stopping – where else can it go
It is in my chest – I think my heart will stop
That cannot happen I will die
No it speeds up faster and faster – it beats
I think it will come right out of my chest
I cannot get it to slow down it just will not
My arms are becoming weak and shaky
I hope I don't have to hold anything
I'm sure it would drop to the ground
They move like rubber having no control
What am I going to do?
It even goes into my head
My head is spinning like a merry-go-round
Something is happening to my brain
Oh no!! It happened – I cannot think right
My whole body is full of FEAR
What do I do? It has a strong hold
I can't shake it by myself
I am not sure anyone can help free me
CAN I FIND HELP????????????
My mind keeps hearing a voice saying
God can, God can, God can, God can
I am not sure I believe this BUT
I must – He may be my only hope
I try calling His name
I do not hear an answer
Maybe it is my nonworking brain
That is strange – my head stopped spinning
Calm is starting to come over my body
I am getting strength back into my arms
I can move them as I like
How odd is all of this? It is leaving
My heart has slowed its beating
I can breathe without a fight
I think I will make it!! How strange!!
Still I have not heard God speak
The churning and burrowing has stopped
I think I will be able to keep my food
Things are looking up for me
Maybe that fear is on the run
My legs are regaining their strength
I can stand strong and walk
My feet will carry me where I must go
Strange how the changes are happening
I called God's name but had no answer
The FEAR has not won
I can handle what I must
I can make it to another day
What if that was Gods' answer
The quiet answer in the noise
The warmth that runs through my blood
Keeping me safe when I feel unsafe
Holding my hand when I feel alone
It has to be God – who else would know?
Thank You for helping me see
You are the HOPE I always needed
Thank You for taking the fear
Making me an overcomer

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