Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Saturday, June 20, 2015

God gave us control

In the beginning God had control over everything. He made the decision to create mankind in His own image. Talk about control. He could have made us robots controlling our every move and action. Some days I think that would be a good thing then we wouldn't have to wonder if we are making the right decision, it would always be right because He would have programed us to do what He wanted. Instead He gave us a free will, which enables us to make our own decisions. In doing that He gave us control of our lives. He gave us rules much like we do with our children.  We do that because we love them. We are training them to be the best person they can be. The end decision is up to them. That is the same with God. He gave us rules to follow. He wants us to love Him and have a relationship with Him but the ultimate decision is ours.  We are no different than Adam and Eve. They made a wrong decision that has impacted our lives. When we make decisions it impacts the lives of other people. God gave us control of our lives what are we going to do with it? Will the impact you have on others be positive or negative?  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Control gone wrong.


Some people in the world use control as a power trip. I'm not sure what possesses them to do so but I do know it happens, some parents are like that. They have these precious little children that believe and trust what they say. It doesn't really matter if it is true or not. The child has nothing to compare it to because that is their life, they are under their parents' control. When incorrect information is pounded into their brain day in and day out they believe that is the truth. It doesn't matter how things really are, they become brainwashed. The parents are not trying to build the child's character they are more concerned about what they want. The child becomes afraid to do anything for fear it will be the wrong thing. Life for them becomes one of great fear and uncertainty. The effect of the degrading that happens lingers long after the event. That kind of control can teach a child they are not worth anything. They deserve whatever hurt that is done to them. It teaches them they are unlovable and no one cares about them. They carry that into their adult lives unless someone comes to their rescue. Even when that happens it takes time and a lot of effort to teach them that they are valuable and of great worth. If you see a person that suffers because of this kind of injustice help them feel special, give a kind word, listen to them, and let them know how important they really are. I believe we are all placed here on earth to help each other let us all do our part in giving value to others. God has given us all great value and purpose. When we find someone that doesn't seem to have any let's help them find what they have lost or that was taken from them.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Control

As children we have very little control. We are at the mercy of our parents or guardians. We trust them to make the right decisions for us. We follow their rules or lack of them.  Isn't it interesting that one set of parents have so many rules that children are afraid to breath while another might have none therefore the children run over even them. I am not going to tell you what the right amount of control is for you in your life because I don't know. I do know that children respond better when there is some structure or control. They need to know limits and what is expected of them. A key thing to remember is consistency. When rules are always changing they become unsure of what is expected of them. Then there could be big problems: some become afraid and withdraw while others start acting out in inappropriate ways. Parents that practice good control will allow it to change as the children grow.  In so doing parents are teaching them responsibilities and how to make right choices. They are working at preparing them to go out into the world.  As loving parents we do our best to teach our children the correct way of life. We sit back let the rope of control slowly disappear and let life happens. I trust you are using your power of control in a good way. Next week I would like to talk about when control becomes a power trip.