Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tips to start you on your way.

We have talked about journaling the past few weeks but I do want to conclude by giving you a few tips I have found helpful as I look back over my years of journaling. First of all be sure to date everything. Second be sure not to focus on only negative or just positive. It should include both. Life is full of both aspects so should your journaling. Last be honest with yourself. Don't be afraid to glance back over the days, weeks or months to see how far you have come. It can help you see how you have grown or how you need to. It also can be a great blessing. We all are faced with issues in our lives what we do with them is what counts. My goal in writing about journaling has been to help you realize putting situations out where you can look at them helps. It helps to clear the mind and can even give you a new perspective of the situation. If you uncover things that you cannot solve on your own reach out to someone that can help you. I have many prayers in my journaling for those hard days when I just cannot seem to put them in words any other way. May God bless you as you journal.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Find you fit and journal.

I have been talking about journaling as if sitting down and writing is the only thing a person can do. There are different things that can fit into writing such as prayers, poems, charts and graphs. Whatever helps you to express what is inside that needs to get out. I do not want to leave out a very valuable type of journaling that might relate to some of you more than any of the above types. It is art, putting your thoughts into pictures. For some people it is easier to sit down and draw a picture than it is to write one sentence. Your pictures can tell a lot about how you see your day. It can also tell how you feel. One picture can remind you of your whole day experience. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with doing than you should do it. The important thing is not to be afraid to express yourself.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just Do It!

I hope this week you have overcome your fear of journaling. I want to share with you somethings that has helped free me to write. Just let the words flow. Don't get bound up with the spelling or grammar part. Not that I am against all of that, it is very important and great to know. But if you are thinking more about that than you are about what you are writing you might get discouraged and stop even trying.  I know I would. It is for your use. It is for your self-expression, to help you get your feelings out. Whether you use a computer or pin and paper it really doesn't matter it is for you to choose. I use either; sometimes one just seems to work better at the moment than the other. No I cannot explain why it just does. Whatever way helps you release those feelings from within that keeps you chained up. Just do it!! Work on it this week and next time we will talk about different types of journaling.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


According to the Webster dictionary a journal is "a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use". The definition makes it all sound so easy. But when you sit down to journal for whatever reason it does not seem to be as easy as it sounds. We sometimes get tied up with the fact that it might not sound right. But how can it be wrong? It is your experiences and thoughts. No two people see things the same way, neither do things affect everyone the same. Besides that they are your private thoughts for your private use. God made us different it would stand to reason that our thoughts and reactions would be different. Don't be afraid to be you. Start your journal today. Come back next week and we'll talk some more about journaling.