Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, May 28, 2017


What does my day hold I want to know?
I do not like surprises that is true enough
But if I knew everything I would be as smart as God
I am not even close so I will have to be content
Just to know what I know and try to learn more
I need to know more about what God has said
But the Bible I find hard to keep in my head
I wish it could just be poured in with understanding
But I guess I will just have to keep reading until the day
I know enough to keep it close inside my heart
I think that is where it is the most important
Things get in our head sometimes and they never go any farther down
I guess it is a long trip from head to heart
But I know the information for my real good friend has made that trip
If he can do it maybe someday I can at least get it in my brain
Then I can try hard to push it as far down as it needs to go
I just want to be a loving person and teach others
The real stuff that can be gained from this knowledge
The realness lies deep in the heart I do know
If it did not then everyone would live the love it teaches
And I know that is not true by just looking around
I do want to be different like my dear friend
I will do my best by reading and trying hard not to let it escape
So I guess I will wait to see what each day holds

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Are you broken?

Are you broken? Do you feel that you cannot be used by God? I have great news for you. You are important to God in spite of your brokenness. He can and will fix you if you ask Him to. Broken people are His specialty. When you give Him your all He will be able to show you what he has for you. Others might not see your importance but in God's eyes we are all unique. He has created each of us with a plan for greatness. I want to share a prayer taken from my workbook "Who ME? Worthwhile? Yes, You!"

Dear God,

Allow me to come to you in all my brokenness so you can fix me as good as new. Open my eyes that I might see you, open my ears that I might hear you, and open my heart that I might feel you.    Amen

Continue your day by allowing God to begin the mending process in your life. I promise He does a great job. It might not be easy but it will have a great result. Bless you as you allow the mending hand of God's love to begin to perform greatness in your life.