Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walking in peace.

            I have often wondered what it would have been like to live in the Garden of Eden before the fall. Also what it would have been like to have that continual fellowship with God. I would like you to join me as I think on paper what it could have been like. I wake from a good nights sleep, stretch, rub the sleep from my eyes then the most amazing day begins. I go to the brook scoop up some spring water with my hand and have a cold refreshing drink. Then I hear God say "hey Glenda where are you?" I eagerly respond "I am here by the brook getting a drink." He was quickly by my side with a big good morning smile. "Let's go for a walk" He says as He moves His hand in the direction He wants to travel. I have no hesitation as I quickly started in that direction. He is walking I am more like skipping along. Everything is beautiful to the eyes. He is talking about the gorgeous birds then we stopped to listen to them sing. It is almost as if I can understand the words they chirp. After a while we keep moving in the lush grass talking as we go. Time is of no importance. Along the way we are approached by many animals. There is no need to be afraid they are all so friendly, some little ones are on the backs of the bigger ones. I watched as the animals seemed to be so playful with each other. We petted them and we watched. It is enough to bring a big smile to my face. As we continue a silence came upon us both. God reached to a fruit baring tree and plucked a piece off and handed it to me. It was as if He knew my stomach was starting to complain about the need for food. I smiles as I took it and made quick work making it disappear. He laughed and said "you must have been pretty hungry." I smiled and shook my head yes. The day continued with laughing and smiling. A great time of just relaxing with the person that made me. He did not complain because I screamed when I stubbed my toe on the tree root. He didn't tell me I was stupid because I didn't understand something and He had to explain it again. He acted like I was a special treasure. He accepted everything and loved everything about me. It was a thrill to walk with Him.
            Thanks for going with me on this little journey. But I would like to tell you that He is really like that. It is not always easy to walk every minute of your day in His presence because we have all kinds of things knocking at our hearts and minds door. But it doesn't change the fact that He is right there beside us anyway.  Another fact is He does love and treasure us just like we are. He made us special and wonderful. We just need to allow Him to guide and direct our lives so that greatness will shine through. In my own life I am working at allowing Him to shine through the dark times as well as the bright ones. It is not always easy but I am a work in progress. I am also working at keeping in the front of my mind that I am the apple of His eye. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am His special creation and so are you. We each have a job to do. Let us help each other reach our fullest potential for His glory. If I can ever be of help to you let me know and allow me to help as I can. May God richly bless you with a wonderful day.

Monday, April 10, 2017

WOW!! Mary Higgins Clark

I heard the most interesting interview last week of Mary Higgins Clark. Cyrus Webb did a great job conducting the interview. If I have done this right you can click on this link to listen She is getting ready to turn 90 and coming out with a new book. That in itself is amazing to me. She said: she always felt like she was meant to write and has done so since she was a child. Even though she got a number of rejections she kept trying. She sold her first short story for $100 and has been writing ever since. Now she has 54 books published. They are great mysteries and appeal to different age groups. How amazing is that. When I finished listening to her interview I was really pumped up. I kept saying wow, wow, wow. I wanted to do a number of things when I got done listening: first I would have liked to sit down and talk to her, she seemed like such a gracious person. I thought about calling my friend Cyrus right then and asking if he could arrange that. Then I sat in amazement about her age and still writing, if I get to be that old I would love to still be able to write a good story. Then I was more determined to keep writing. I have told stories since I was a child and putting them on paper was just the next step. Then I thought about those of you that have stories inside of them that is just waiting to get out but for whatever reason you just have not put them on paper. Don't let anything keep you from your dreams. If Mrs. Clark would have given up with her first rejections we would not have all of her great books today. So keep putting your words on paper, as will I, one of us might be the next great author with 54 books that Cyrus Webb interviews that will inspire others to keep writing.  Thanks Mary Higgins Clark for your great books.


How do you hold on when the knot comes out of your rope?
How do you hope when everything is screaming there is none?
Who do you turn to when you get too ashamed?
What do you do when you feel your world has turned upside down?
What do you do when your insides keep saying there is no end?
How do you keep walking around as if everything is ok?
How do you smile when all you want to do is cry and scream?
Where do you turn when you feel you are banging your head against the wall?
Where do you go when no place seems to be safe?
How, who, what and where are the questions we all ask.
But what are the answers we need to keep us hanging on?
But who do we trust enough to tell them everything?
Do we overload someone else to help us feel better?
How fair is life when none of it really makes sense?
What will it take to make sense of a life of trouble?
When will questions end and answers begin?

From my book: Out of the Depths A Poetic Journey

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Misunderstood Writer

          What a very nice day it is today. The sun has been shining. It is warm. Steve has mowed the grass now trimming. I as you can see am at my computer where I have spent most of day writing. I like to play games while I write it helps me to think. However, when Steve walks in the room it appears that I am only playing games. I don't know how he times it but at the moment he comes in I am in the middle of a game. I draw up my document as proof. But I'm not sure at all that I convince him. Because sometimes he walks out of the room just shaking his head, which leads me to believe he still is not convinced.     
Maybe I should let the facts should speak for them self. So let's take a little look at the facts: First I write articles for the magazine Conversations Magazine, put out by Cyrus Webb. By the way if you haven't read it you need to order it or go on line and check it out. Cyrus has a lot of great interviews in it but don't forget about reading my article. Also as a radio host I read my said writings. Third I write for this blog that you are reading and by the way thanks for coming and visiting with me. I also would like to hear your comments. I will respond to them so drop me a few lines. The joy of writing is to know you will be coming back to visit so thanks for hanging out with me. Last proof I have. I have not only written eight books but published them over the years. I do have another one that should be coming before the summer is over. I am real excited about it. It is a devotional journal, WOW What A Bible, is the title. It is a book to have with you when you read you Bible to record things that pop out at you, your WOW thoughts. It will also include scripture that you can follow as a little jog through the Bible. I find that writing things down helps me to remember better, that has been part of the inspiration for the book. The other is when we read the Bible sometimes later we wonder where was that found. This way you will have it right there with the date you read it, where it is found and what made it stick out in your mind. I will keep you updated about how it is coming along.
I rest my case.
P.S. Steve just walked in and I read to him this blog and he said "OK, OK!!! I BELIEVE YOU!!!" I am smiling big this time when he walks out. Between you and I, I am really laughing on the inside. I guess I win my case.