Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The walls came tumbling down.

When you live your life with walls built around you how do you get them down or can you? I know that the walls I had built around me were thick with a very little door. Not too many people could enter through that door because it was camouflaged to match the wall. Also it was not just a single door but a series of doors that lead to the inner chambers of who I am. The vines, from the tall grass that grew up around me as protection, would almost choke the very breath from me when I thought someone was getting to close. When I thought people might be getting in the big what if game began: what if they find out who I really am and don't like me, what if I disappoint them, what if I don't measure up to everything they think I should be and the what ifs go on. This helped the wall to stand firm and strong for many years. Then God brought the man of my dreams along and the walls began to crumble. God has helped those walls to keep on falling. Steve has had to smash down his share of the walls that has keep blocking our relationship from time to time. It has not been a quick tumble but a gradual falling as we have chiseled away at the thick old wall that has stood so firm for so long. The wall served its purpose of protection but now it is not need. Do you have an old wall built around your life that you do not need any longer? You have tried to remove it to no avail don't get discouraged most likely won't tumble down in a day. Keep chiseling at it. It will topple over in time. From time to time I still feel those walls getting rebuilt but I have to turn the whole thing over to God again and allow Him to keep them down. If we allow walls to keep us isolated than we will not be able to be all we are meant to be. Join me in knocking down the walls that hide us from others. Let us allow our light to shine for God and what He can do in our lives. Have a great day chiseling at your wall.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's time to clean out the refrigerator.

    Have you ever cleaned out your refrigerator and found an unknown container in the very back? Then it hit you it was your favorite food that was left over, you put it in the back so you would be sure to be the one that got to finish eating it. It long had left your mind with the busy days and many other meals that had to be prepared. Now there it sits with a smell totally not the one that made it so dear to your taste buds.  Matter of fact you don't even want to touch the container. You carefully pull it out of the frig and throw it away. You hold your nose from the awful smell while you check to make sure it is the only contain of its kind lurking in the back. Relieved to find it was only one of a kind you quickly tie the thrash bag and put it out to the curve.
    Have you ever felt that your own life is a smelly mess? You have allowed things to come into your mind and heart thinking it will not hurt, but it becomes smelly. When it first entered it was a little wrong deed or bad word then they began to grow. A film covered it so it did not look bad but all around you people began to smell the odor. People began to think what happened to that nice sweet person. Some people stayed away because they were tired of being treated bad or the words you choose were offensive. Your eyes are opened and now you can smell the odor that is driving friends away. What are you going to do? My suggestion is that you bag up all the stinky actions and words and throw them away. It might take a few trips to the curve and double bagging but it can be done. Refresh your life with some good old fashion values: respect for others, kind actions even when sometimes you'd like to do the other, a kind smile and words that are uplifting instead of degrading. Follow the golden rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
    I know not everyone follows it but you are only responsible for what you do. I am only responsible for me. Will we slip and fall sometimes? Yes, we are only human and it will happen. It is not always easy to hold our tongue when someone is mean to us. But the key is to keep trying to be the best you possible. I try to keep my life fresh from the garbage of life. I challenge you to do the same. Have a great day keeping your life fresh.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I need off this merry-go-round!!!

There are days it seems like I get nothing done. I get plenty tired but don't accomplish much. I hop from one thing to another in which case nothing gets finished but everything has a start. I think the problem is I'm running around in circles. It's like riding a merry-go-round, where you spend a lot of time going around but when you stop you have really not gone anyplace. You get off and you are right where you started just feeling dizzy from the ride. I'm ready to stop the merry-go-round syndrome. But how do I stop it? The first thing I guess I should do is make a list for my day or week if it's a big project. I always do better when I have direction for my day. Also set how long it will take to complete each project. Which will help me decide if it is a day or week project. If it is a week put down how long each day I need to spend for the completion to be accomplish. Which will give me a feeling that I can do this. When each task is completed mark it off the list, which gives me a feeling of accomplishment. At the end of the day see what I have accomplished, then rejoice in a job well done. At the end of the week pull out all list sit back and be proud of all my achievements. The merry-go-round has stopped.  This is great now all I have to do is follow said plan. Join me if you find yourself stuck on the merry-go-round that your days have. I'd love to hear how it works for you. Have a great time putting on the brakes to your merry-go-round.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who holds your Heart?

            I had a very eventful vacation this year. We were able to visit each son and spend time with them and their families. Then we spent the biggest part of our time with dear friends. Our three granddaughters went with us to our friends while their dad was working or so that was the plan. The first night we were at our friends we had to make a grocery run, of course. On the way back to the house I began to have pain in my chest and down my whole left side. By the time we got to the house I could hardly walk. I got out of the car and sat down on the ground before I could ever reach the door of the house. When I was able to walk with the assistance of my husband I reached the house. I laid down on the bed, just saying I needed to rest. I just kept rubbing that side. The pain was not leaving. Our friends called a nearby EMT that came over and decided that with all the signs, possible heart attack, I should definitely go to the hospital. That was not where I wanted to spend any of my vacation. We got back in the car and off we went. I believe that my husband should have his pilot licenses to even operate a car because I am sure he was flying. The ER doctor confirmed our fears and kept me overnight for observation and future test. He did not see any damage to the heart. I was released at that information. Other tests were done the next day and all went well. After all checked out I was given instructions to follow up with the doctor at home. We went back to our friends' house and enjoyed the rest of our week. FYI I have a follow up appointment this week with the specialist.
            After being home for a few days our ten year old granddaughter informed me, she and her sisters thought I was going to die. We talked about the whole situation for a while to help easy some of her fears. She then asked "were you afraid because every time I think about dying I get really afraid." I thought about that for a few moments then replied "No not at all. I had a peace because if I die I know I'll go live with God." I explained to her that I didn't always have that peace about dying. I used to be afraid and wonder what will happen to me when I die but when I asked Jesus into my heart, He gave and gives me peace. We talked for a few more minutes then I left her to her thoughts.
            I know who holds my heart that is why the fear was not there. So the question I have for you is "Who holds your heart?" It is a question you need to ask yourself before the day is too late. I would have never guessed that I would have a heart attack because I am pretty healthy but I did. We do not have the guarantee of tomorrow. The only thing we have is this very moment. How are you going to live it and who are you going to live it for? Consider carefully who you let have your heart, because that is the one that directions every decision you make.  God will calm the fear that rages inside during a difficult situation. But first you have to give Him control of your life. Do not wait too late to give your heart to Him. He is a gentleman. He is loving waiting for you to call out to Him inviting Him to hold your heart in His loving hand and guide your life. Who holds your heart?

Friday, July 7, 2017


There are some things I think you need to know
I hear and feel that you are uncertain of My love
I trust these things will help you to understand My love for you
I loved taking great care to create you
I created you special, after My own image (Genesis 1:27)
You are My very own handiwork (Ephesians 2:10)
My eyes saw you while you were yet unformed (Psalm 139:16)
I made each part of you unique, with great care
You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)
I designed you to have fellowship with Me
I gave you a free will so you could choose to love Me
I love you as a perfect Father (Luke 15: 20-24)
Not like the ones that make awful chooses
When you take Me as your perfect Father
You are no longer an orphan (John 14:18)
You become a child of God, My child (I John 3:2)
You are more valuable than many sparrows (Matthew 10:31)
And you know I love those little birds
You are the apple of My eye (Zechariah 2:8)
I get great joy in watching you grow as you follow Me
I will hold you in my hand not letting anyone snatch you out (John 10:29)
Nothing will ever separate you from My love
You can rest in Me, you are utterly secure (Romans 8:39)
I will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5)
Come to me all of you who are weary and heavy laden
I will give you rest for your soul (Matthew 11:28-29)
Always remember you are greatly loved (Romans 5:8)
That will never change!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where are you God?

            There are many stories in the Bible of individuals that maybe asked this question at some point in their life "Where are you God?" For instants Daniel, he was praying and worshiping God as he should. Not causing and harm to anyone just doing what God wanted. While the king was being convinced to make a law saying no one should worship any god or man except him for thirty days. If they did the punishment was to throw them into the den of lions. The king didn't stop to think about the people that prayed to The True God. The words sound great to his ears so it was signed as a law. We should hold on before we get ready to cast stones at his decision. How you like for thirty days that people could only say great and wonderful things about you? That sound pretty good to my ears. I might not have given it a lot of thought if I was in his shoes. Until a problem came along and that is just what happened with the king. His problem was Daniel because he continued to pray to The True God. These men that tricked the king kept a close eye on him knowing he would continue to pray. When he did they made a bee line to the king to give the report. When they approached the king and told him that Daniel was still praying the king was taken by surprise. I can see the kings' mouth dropping open as he wondered what in the world had he done. He knew the law was binding and could not be broken. Now what? He took the rest of the day to think about it but in the end he had to give the order to put Daniel in the den with the hungry lions. The Bible doesn't record Daniel saying a word. But I'm sure if it was me I would have plenty to say. I would have probably pleaded with him to rethink what he was doing. I would have explained that I was only praying to God like I have done since I was a child. I would have said it in earnest as I was trying to save my life. But the king had to follow through with the law, no matter how sad he felt. Daniel was put in the den with the hungry lions for the night, and the king had a restless night. The next morning the king hurried to the den to find Daniel safe and sound. What a relief he must have felt. This is a great story of God taking care of His servant Daniel. Even when the odds were greatly against him coming out alive, God stepped in and protected him from even being a little snack for the hungry lions. Can we trust Him to take care of us? There is much more to the story than I have taken time to write but you can read the full story in Daniel chapter six.
            Merv Rosell says "God could have kept Daniel out of the lion's den. But God has never promised to keep us out of hard places. What He promised is to go with us through every hard place, and bring us through victoriously."
            I am left with the question how will I handle the hard situations life hands me? Will I go into it screaming and yelling or will I say where are you God? Then stop trusting Him if I am not immediately delivered from them. It is human to ask where God is during times that are hard or ones we don't understand. The sad thing is we sometimes stop trusting God because it just doesn't seem right that we should have to face such difficulties. We should never stop trusting Him. We should ask Him to help us through them, and then thank Him for doing so. Where was He for Daniel? He was right by his side protecting him. Where is He in our hard times? He is right by our side protecting and guiding us as well. Have a great day allowing God to protect and guide you through your hard times of life.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


What does my day hold I want to know?
I do not like surprises that is true enough
But if I knew everything I would be as smart as God
I am not even close so I will have to be content
Just to know what I know and try to learn more
I need to know more about what God has said
But the Bible I find hard to keep in my head
I wish it could just be poured in with understanding
But I guess I will just have to keep reading until the day
I know enough to keep it close inside my heart
I think that is where it is the most important
Things get in our head sometimes and they never go any farther down
I guess it is a long trip from head to heart
But I know the information for my real good friend has made that trip
If he can do it maybe someday I can at least get it in my brain
Then I can try hard to push it as far down as it needs to go
I just want to be a loving person and teach others
The real stuff that can be gained from this knowledge
The realness lies deep in the heart I do know
If it did not then everyone would live the love it teaches
And I know that is not true by just looking around
I do want to be different like my dear friend
I will do my best by reading and trying hard not to let it escape
So I guess I will wait to see what each day holds

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Are you broken?

Are you broken? Do you feel that you cannot be used by God? I have great news for you. You are important to God in spite of your brokenness. He can and will fix you if you ask Him to. Broken people are His specialty. When you give Him your all He will be able to show you what he has for you. Others might not see your importance but in God's eyes we are all unique. He has created each of us with a plan for greatness. I want to share a prayer taken from my workbook "Who ME? Worthwhile? Yes, You!"

Dear God,

Allow me to come to you in all my brokenness so you can fix me as good as new. Open my eyes that I might see you, open my ears that I might hear you, and open my heart that I might feel you.    Amen

Continue your day by allowing God to begin the mending process in your life. I promise He does a great job. It might not be easy but it will have a great result. Bless you as you allow the mending hand of God's love to begin to perform greatness in your life.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walking in peace.

            I have often wondered what it would have been like to live in the Garden of Eden before the fall. Also what it would have been like to have that continual fellowship with God. I would like you to join me as I think on paper what it could have been like. I wake from a good nights sleep, stretch, rub the sleep from my eyes then the most amazing day begins. I go to the brook scoop up some spring water with my hand and have a cold refreshing drink. Then I hear God say "hey Glenda where are you?" I eagerly respond "I am here by the brook getting a drink." He was quickly by my side with a big good morning smile. "Let's go for a walk" He says as He moves His hand in the direction He wants to travel. I have no hesitation as I quickly started in that direction. He is walking I am more like skipping along. Everything is beautiful to the eyes. He is talking about the gorgeous birds then we stopped to listen to them sing. It is almost as if I can understand the words they chirp. After a while we keep moving in the lush grass talking as we go. Time is of no importance. Along the way we are approached by many animals. There is no need to be afraid they are all so friendly, some little ones are on the backs of the bigger ones. I watched as the animals seemed to be so playful with each other. We petted them and we watched. It is enough to bring a big smile to my face. As we continue a silence came upon us both. God reached to a fruit baring tree and plucked a piece off and handed it to me. It was as if He knew my stomach was starting to complain about the need for food. I smiles as I took it and made quick work making it disappear. He laughed and said "you must have been pretty hungry." I smiled and shook my head yes. The day continued with laughing and smiling. A great time of just relaxing with the person that made me. He did not complain because I screamed when I stubbed my toe on the tree root. He didn't tell me I was stupid because I didn't understand something and He had to explain it again. He acted like I was a special treasure. He accepted everything and loved everything about me. It was a thrill to walk with Him.
            Thanks for going with me on this little journey. But I would like to tell you that He is really like that. It is not always easy to walk every minute of your day in His presence because we have all kinds of things knocking at our hearts and minds door. But it doesn't change the fact that He is right there beside us anyway.  Another fact is He does love and treasure us just like we are. He made us special and wonderful. We just need to allow Him to guide and direct our lives so that greatness will shine through. In my own life I am working at allowing Him to shine through the dark times as well as the bright ones. It is not always easy but I am a work in progress. I am also working at keeping in the front of my mind that I am the apple of His eye. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am His special creation and so are you. We each have a job to do. Let us help each other reach our fullest potential for His glory. If I can ever be of help to you let me know and allow me to help as I can. May God richly bless you with a wonderful day.

Monday, April 10, 2017

WOW!! Mary Higgins Clark

I heard the most interesting interview last week of Mary Higgins Clark. Cyrus Webb did a great job conducting the interview. If I have done this right you can click on this link to listen She is getting ready to turn 90 and coming out with a new book. That in itself is amazing to me. She said: she always felt like she was meant to write and has done so since she was a child. Even though she got a number of rejections she kept trying. She sold her first short story for $100 and has been writing ever since. Now she has 54 books published. They are great mysteries and appeal to different age groups. How amazing is that. When I finished listening to her interview I was really pumped up. I kept saying wow, wow, wow. I wanted to do a number of things when I got done listening: first I would have liked to sit down and talk to her, she seemed like such a gracious person. I thought about calling my friend Cyrus right then and asking if he could arrange that. Then I sat in amazement about her age and still writing, if I get to be that old I would love to still be able to write a good story. Then I was more determined to keep writing. I have told stories since I was a child and putting them on paper was just the next step. Then I thought about those of you that have stories inside of them that is just waiting to get out but for whatever reason you just have not put them on paper. Don't let anything keep you from your dreams. If Mrs. Clark would have given up with her first rejections we would not have all of her great books today. So keep putting your words on paper, as will I, one of us might be the next great author with 54 books that Cyrus Webb interviews that will inspire others to keep writing.  Thanks Mary Higgins Clark for your great books.


How do you hold on when the knot comes out of your rope?
How do you hope when everything is screaming there is none?
Who do you turn to when you get too ashamed?
What do you do when you feel your world has turned upside down?
What do you do when your insides keep saying there is no end?
How do you keep walking around as if everything is ok?
How do you smile when all you want to do is cry and scream?
Where do you turn when you feel you are banging your head against the wall?
Where do you go when no place seems to be safe?
How, who, what and where are the questions we all ask.
But what are the answers we need to keep us hanging on?
But who do we trust enough to tell them everything?
Do we overload someone else to help us feel better?
How fair is life when none of it really makes sense?
What will it take to make sense of a life of trouble?
When will questions end and answers begin?

From my book: Out of the Depths A Poetic Journey

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Misunderstood Writer

          What a very nice day it is today. The sun has been shining. It is warm. Steve has mowed the grass now trimming. I as you can see am at my computer where I have spent most of day writing. I like to play games while I write it helps me to think. However, when Steve walks in the room it appears that I am only playing games. I don't know how he times it but at the moment he comes in I am in the middle of a game. I draw up my document as proof. But I'm not sure at all that I convince him. Because sometimes he walks out of the room just shaking his head, which leads me to believe he still is not convinced.     
Maybe I should let the facts should speak for them self. So let's take a little look at the facts: First I write articles for the magazine Conversations Magazine, put out by Cyrus Webb. By the way if you haven't read it you need to order it or go on line and check it out. Cyrus has a lot of great interviews in it but don't forget about reading my article. Also as a radio host I read my said writings. Third I write for this blog that you are reading and by the way thanks for coming and visiting with me. I also would like to hear your comments. I will respond to them so drop me a few lines. The joy of writing is to know you will be coming back to visit so thanks for hanging out with me. Last proof I have. I have not only written eight books but published them over the years. I do have another one that should be coming before the summer is over. I am real excited about it. It is a devotional journal, WOW What A Bible, is the title. It is a book to have with you when you read you Bible to record things that pop out at you, your WOW thoughts. It will also include scripture that you can follow as a little jog through the Bible. I find that writing things down helps me to remember better, that has been part of the inspiration for the book. The other is when we read the Bible sometimes later we wonder where was that found. This way you will have it right there with the date you read it, where it is found and what made it stick out in your mind. I will keep you updated about how it is coming along.
I rest my case.
P.S. Steve just walked in and I read to him this blog and he said "OK, OK!!! I BELIEVE YOU!!!" I am smiling big this time when he walks out. Between you and I, I am really laughing on the inside. I guess I win my case. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Emotions make great messengers but bad bosses.

My husband and I are carpooling to and from work so the other day while I was waiting for him I thought I would make good use of my time and go to the book store. I was gazing at the titles to see if one was jumping around saying read me. Lo and behold there it was a book written for me "You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth. Of course I purchased it because that's what you do when something calls your name and jumps around right? I drove to my husband's work, parked the car and began to read. From the beginning it had my attention. I am not done but I have read enough to know that it has to be read slowly to absorb all the information she has to offer. I did want to take a moment to share with you a statement that she said "Emotions make great messengers but bad bosses."  I have not been able to stop thinking about that. We are all created with emotions of all sorts from laughing to wanting to beat someone up. They are important in how we relate to people but what happens when they take control? There have been times I have allowed mine to be the boss not really checking to see if they were bad or good. When bad ones take control there can be great trouble. They can keep me captive and destroy a perfectly great day. They can make me feel like I am worth nothing. Matter of fact Saturday afternoon before I read those words was one of those times. A person said something negative to me that morning. I was feeling defeated. I allowed that feeling to kind of take root. I gave that emotion permission to be the boss. I pondered the wise words Holley said and sent those emotions of defeat on their way. I had a much better evening. We are all made amazing but some of us struggle with really believing that about ourselves. I am one of those people but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. It only means I'm going to try harder to keep believing in what God has said in His word. Matter of fact God thinks I'm pretty amazing because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. The next time the emotion of defeat comes creeping in I plan on quickly packing their bags back up and sending them on their way. Join me in not allowing those crazy emotions of ours to be our boss. If need be scream at them you're not the boss of me and wave bye to them as they run away. Have a great day believing you are amazing because God made us all that way.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How do you see?

        I have been wearing glasses for a number of years. I can tell when it is time to increase the prescription because my vision is not just right. I have to hold my papers farther away or squint to make out words. I have to be right on top of road signs before I can read them, then it is too late to make that left turn that I was needing to make. I might go like that for a while but it doesn't take long before I am ready to call the optometrist. I'm sure you know the routine. They say "let's see what's going on" then it starts. The examination. Tell me what those letters are, what about these, what about these, can you see these, after doing that with both eyes they make their notes. Then the fun stuff starts the flipping from one lenses to another. Which is better a or b? After a few a or b flips, they finally find the one that corrects your problem. They leave them at those lenses and say how is that? Yea I can see correct again. I can read those letters that I thought was a spot on the wall. It is no longer a strain to read and no need to squint.  The correct lenses make an enormous difference. Words and signs take on the correct form the distortion I was seeing is gone. Correcting my glasses helps me to see everything as they are meant to be seen.      
         Oddly enough the vision we use to look at our own lives can become distorted. From the time we are born people are telling us things about ourselves. We store all that information in our brain. Usually adopting them as how we see ourselves. We don't usually question it because we have heard it for such a long time. But what happens when people give you information that doesn't really coincide with what you believe. There starts the struggle. I would like to say eye doctor here I come again can you fix it? You do not need any fancy equipment just some good old honesty. You might need to make a list one of what people have said, the other what you really see deep inside or yourself. The first list will be easy because that is what the brain is us to hearing. Now the second list is not so easy. Take time to change the lenses and take a good look. Do things still seem to be cloudy it's okay do another adjustment. I'm sure you are starting to see the great things about yourself. Don't be afraid to put them down. One is a great start. If it has been a while since you have done this the lenses might need to be adjusted a number a time before you can really see clearly. That's it, keep making the lenses stronger, is the real you coming clearer in view? It will help if you just go ahead and write the great things you have heard people say come to mind even if you question if they are true. That might need to be done a number of times to get the lenses to see crystal clear. If your vision of yourself stays cloudy then you will not be able to be all that you are meant to be. Throw away your old comfortable glasses and be willing to go for the new great look. I know I have had some very comfortable glasses that I hated to get rid of. I desperately needed to because they were twisted and bent all out of shape. I gritted my teeth threw them away and took on a new look. I was shocked at the compliments I received. They even became comfortable after a while. The view I had of myself also was twisted and bent so I had to throw it away and replace it. If the view you have of yourself is twisted and bent all out of shape I challenge you to throw it away also. Join me in putting on the new look it gives. You are made for greatness, see it, believe it and walk in it. Allow yourself to see and be the new you. It will become comfortable after a while because that is who you really are meant to be. Have a great day.        

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Author and Poet Glenda L. Hunter returns to #ConversationsLIVE

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back award-winning author and poet Glenda L. Hunter to discuss what it's been like to reflect on her writing journey and the impact of her work on others. The two also discuss what it has been like to share powerful messages that inspire others to move in the direction of their own goals and dreams.

 Listen to the full interview below:

Sunday, March 5, 2017


I have been thinking about the topic of compromise after watching a show called The Song. The short of the story was a Christian man had joined a song competition to win two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He was one of three finalists chosen to travel to different cities to perform songs they had written.  He wanted the money to help his wife, child and ill father. He entered the stage dressed plain and sang from his heart. The people clapped but he came in last. The producer of the event wanted him to change his appearance and style, really changing who he was. At first he refused to change and he talked about integrity. He got tired of losing and gave in. He allowed them to make the changes they wanted. Viola he began to win. At what cost? He lost respect. He lost contact with family. He was losing who he really was. But he was winning in the eyes of the crowd. Right before the last performance he received a Teddy Bear from his daughter with a note that read "Daddy I love you" he wept and found his way back to his real self. He appeared on stage as he did at the beginning, very plain. He apologized to the magicians he was mean to before his performance. He again sang from his heart. He did not win that competition but left with his dignity. He became content in where God had him and what he was doing. The last scene was an agent of a famous singer talking to him offering him a great deal. He did not have to change who he was. HE was a winner. I don't think change is wrong. I think the wrong came into play when he gave into what was not right for him. Allowing someone else to dictate what he was to be so he could fit in. Compromising to the point he lost who God made him to be. Have you ever compromised to the point you lost track of who you really are? Compromise is the blending of two different things. This in and of itself is not wrong but when it changes who God wants us to be than there is a problem. It is wise for us to remember that even if a compromise might make us a winner in the eyes of the world it does not mean that is what God wants us to do. We should always strive to be a winner in the eyes of God. The next time you or I are approached with a compromise we should ask ourselves two things: first will we lost the respect of people that know and love us and two which I think is the most important what would God think about said compromise. Have a great day a winner for God.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


          A  couple of years ago my son, his three daughters, my husband and I decided to take vacation together destination Ohio a long trip from Mississippi. I crawled in the back of his Tahoe with the three girls, my husband drove and our son stretched out in the other front seat. Everyone was excited and off we started. I had brought plenty of things for the girls and I to do but the one in the seat next to me wanted to selfies on my phone. Then she included me before long it seemed I had twisted every which way to get the best picture. When I finally decided to stretch my not so tall body it happened. I got my hand caught in my necklace and it broke (surprised right – I'm sure you thought it was going to be something very different). Not so softly I said "Oh no" as I grabbed the pieces. My oldest granddaughter turned around and wanted to know what happened. I told her and said it was really no big deal. She was not buying that, not after scream I let out. She knew it was my favorite necklace. It didn't take her long to think of a solution. She assured me it would be okay because Papaw could fix it. I was taken by her confidence in her Papaws' ability. She did not know the whole damage but she knew it didn't matter he could do it. She was ready to take it to him right then and there. I knew that was not to wise because if you remember I said he was driving and I knew the last thing he cared about at that moment was my broken necklace since we were not even out of Mississippi. She told him anyway and he said he would see later. Translated to me was he will fix it later. I put the pieces away and we continued our trip. When I stop and think about that moment how cool was her reaction. She saw a problem, knew how much I would want it fixed, she told me about the great fixer, her Papaw, and wanted me to turn it over to him and I would have no more problem. WOW
What a life lesson we can learn from her wisdom. I think most everyone I know has some kind of brokenness in their life, things of their own making or something that has been done to them. There have been people that have shared their brokenness with me. I knew they wanted it fixed. I saw their problem but I am saddened by the fact that I didn't quickly tell them about God being the great fixer nor did I ask them to turn their brokenness over to Him. Today I want to tell everyone that reads this that GOD IS THE GREAT FIXER UPPER. If you feel you are broken beyond repair don't give up. Take this moment to give it over to God. It is not always easy to give it to Him or to believe He can really fix the brokenness. What I do know is that He is patient, loving, full of compassion and extremely willing to fix your brokenness. He also will not step in and do it if He is not invited. He is a gentleman. I would challenge you to do as I have done and will do again: sit down, pretend He is in the chair next to you, and begin talking as to a good friend. Tell Him about the brokenness you have and the fact that you want it mended. You will discover He really cares and can heal. It might not happen overnight and it might. Some journeys to healing take longer than others but none the less it will happen if you hang in there. The great fixer upper will not disappoint you. My prayer for you today is that you will find healing for every part of your inner most being. "All things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive." Matthew 21:22 Have a great day taking your brokenness to God and allowing Him to mend it.