Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I need off this merry-go-round!!!

There are days it seems like I get nothing done. I get plenty tired but don't accomplish much. I hop from one thing to another in which case nothing gets finished but everything has a start. I think the problem is I'm running around in circles. It's like riding a merry-go-round, where you spend a lot of time going around but when you stop you have really not gone anyplace. You get off and you are right where you started just feeling dizzy from the ride. I'm ready to stop the merry-go-round syndrome. But how do I stop it? The first thing I guess I should do is make a list for my day or week if it's a big project. I always do better when I have direction for my day. Also set how long it will take to complete each project. Which will help me decide if it is a day or week project. If it is a week put down how long each day I need to spend for the completion to be accomplish. Which will give me a feeling that I can do this. When each task is completed mark it off the list, which gives me a feeling of accomplishment. At the end of the day see what I have accomplished, then rejoice in a job well done. At the end of the week pull out all list sit back and be proud of all my achievements. The merry-go-round has stopped.  This is great now all I have to do is follow said plan. Join me if you find yourself stuck on the merry-go-round that your days have. I'd love to hear how it works for you. Have a great time putting on the brakes to your merry-go-round.

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