Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The walls came tumbling down.

When you live your life with walls built around you how do you get them down or can you? I know that the walls I had built around me were thick with a very little door. Not too many people could enter through that door because it was camouflaged to match the wall. Also it was not just a single door but a series of doors that lead to the inner chambers of who I am. The vines, from the tall grass that grew up around me as protection, would almost choke the very breath from me when I thought someone was getting to close. When I thought people might be getting in the big what if game began: what if they find out who I really am and don't like me, what if I disappoint them, what if I don't measure up to everything they think I should be and the what ifs go on. This helped the wall to stand firm and strong for many years. Then God brought the man of my dreams along and the walls began to crumble. God has helped those walls to keep on falling. Steve has had to smash down his share of the walls that has keep blocking our relationship from time to time. It has not been a quick tumble but a gradual falling as we have chiseled away at the thick old wall that has stood so firm for so long. The wall served its purpose of protection but now it is not need. Do you have an old wall built around your life that you do not need any longer? You have tried to remove it to no avail don't get discouraged most likely won't tumble down in a day. Keep chiseling at it. It will topple over in time. From time to time I still feel those walls getting rebuilt but I have to turn the whole thing over to God again and allow Him to keep them down. If we allow walls to keep us isolated than we will not be able to be all we are meant to be. Join me in knocking down the walls that hide us from others. Let us allow our light to shine for God and what He can do in our lives. Have a great day chiseling at your wall.  

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