Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How do we show Gods love to other people?

I have come in contact with many people over my years. I think about how they showed me God's loves. First of all they were kind and thoughtful. They helped people that were less fortunate than they were. They were concerned about people that others thought were throw aways, they excepted them like they were. They considered everyone important in the eyes of God, therefore others were important in their eyes also. Does that mean these people did nothing wrong? No, what it means is they were doing their best to show what God would do if He was here in person. They were living God in their lives. I believe that is the only way we can show people God's love, by being Godlike. A number of years ago everyplace you looked you could see some kind of sign that read "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" (taken from the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon).  I think it would be good if we started thinking and acting that way again. The words are only a verbal and visual
reminder. The change is in the heart and mind. I am challenging myself to do my best to take these words to heart and ask God to help me to live them out in my everyday life. I would like to challenge you to do the same. One person can make a difference!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

How Does God Show His Love?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about "how I know God loves me" is the fact that He created us with the ability to choose. He did not make robots. Shortly after man was created man started making wrong choices. God did not give up on mankind. He gave us His son to draw us back to Him. If that isn't love I don't know what is. Bad things happen to us and the first one we blame is God. Good things happen and it is luck. I believe there seems to be something wrong with that kind of thinking. God has His unseen hand in our lives from day one even when things are wrong. He loves us so much He sends special people in our lives to help us along our journey. Many times we do not see it as that. Those people that except us like we are, lift us up when we are down, lead us when we go astray and love us in spite of wrong choices. Those are the people God positions along the road of life to help us. If He did not love us I do not believe it
would matter to Him one way or the other. I look back over my life and I see a number of people that was placed along my path to help me on my journey. STOP and think about the many people in your life and see who God has put them along your path just when you needed them. THEN thank Him for loving you so much. I have many times and I'm sure I will many more times. Oh how He loves you and me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
before you were born I consecrated you;
I have appointed you a prophet to the nations."
----Jeremiah 1:5
Your life was planned out by God. What messes it up is the free will He gave us. Sometimes we make unwise choices. This is you stepping out of what He has for you. It does not mean He is leaving you. He is waiting on you to see the light and come back to Him. Other times other people make unwise choices that affect your life. He gives you the grace to handle it. He keeps you in His hand waiting for you to see Him. It might take a long time for you to see that He really loves you. You might make wrong choices because of the anger and hurt you are experiencing. You also might be angry at God for allowing these things to happen. That is okay; He is a big enough God to handle all your feelings. Remember He gave them to you. He has a purpose in all things good and bad. Remember He is there waiting with outstretched arms for you to come back to Him. He will help you to make good out of the bad that is in your life. He does all this because He does love us very

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fast, Fast, Fast

That is how the next few weeks before Christmas will go. Shopping, wrapping, delivering presents and again making sure you have all the right food on hand for the family and friend that are coming. Shop until you drop has a new meaning at this time of the year, especially on Black Friday. We can get all tangled up in these things that we forget to spend any time thinking about the real reason of Christmas. It is interesting to me that this great holiday follows one of thanksgiving. Christmas is also a time to be very thankful. If God did not give us His son there would be no Christmas. But most of all there would be no redeeming for our soul. That is the greatest of all presents. As we run here and there taking care of the important things for the great celebration of giving don't forget to give thanks to God. Don't run so fast you pass Him right by.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Be Thankful Every Day

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving Day a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. I would like to suggest that we practice this celebration every day. I think it would be good to keep in mind how thankful we are to our families and friends three hundred and sixty five days a year. They are here for us more than just the one day a year. Let us work at letting them know how much that means to us on regular bases. I don't mean by the great dinner that was shared yesterday but in other ways. Surprise them out of the blue to send a card or call just letting them know you are thinking about them. Invite them out for coffee or in my case diet coke for no reason. Or just go over and visit because you just want to be around them.

I also would like to invite you to join me in being thankful for the little things that others do as well. If you don't look for it you might pass it right by and not even notice but it is out there every day. It could be as simple as someone holding the door open for you. Don't overlook the kid that does it for you. I will tell you it will make their day that an adult took time to notice the good deed. My granddaughter has held the door open for many adults the smile she wears for the rest of the day after someone tells her thank you is priceless.

Everyone wants to be appreciated and cared about all the time let's decide to make every day Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who is your family?

When I think of the holidays that are celebrated at this time of the year my mind goes to family. That can cause an unnerving feeling to come over my whole body if I only dwell on the family I was born into. Consequently I do not dwell on that family. I think about the wonderful family my husband and I have together. We have two wonderful sons who each have great families of their own. I also think about a couple we met thirty-two years ago. She is like a sister to me. Her family and mine have had many terrific times together. We have also had some very sad times. Although we do not get to see each other often it does not change the closeness we share. I know if we need her and her husband they would be there for us. Also if they need us we would be there for them as well. They are a huge part of my family. Sometimes we cannot seem to see beyond the family we grew up in. That can be a very harmful thing if your family was abusive. I challenge you to put
aside those harmful people in your life. Embrace those people that really love you as your family. It will make a big difference in the whole way you see the holiday as well as the rest of your life. Who will you allow to be in your family?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What A Friend!!!

I had a wonderful friend that died a few years ago. I think of him often. There are days I would like to just pick up the phone and call him just to chat. He was my pastor; he entered my life when I was six. He pastored a little country church that had a bus ministry. When our family moved into the area he came and asked our parents if we could come to his church. I am extremely thankful for that day when my parents said yes. Over the years as I attended church I watch and listened to him very carefully. He shared Gods love through sermons but more importantly he shared by his life. He lived what he preached. Through many hard times he encouraged me to hold onto God and keep praying for Gods will in my life. What a great friend!! This is the time of the year we seem to express how thankful we are for others. I am very thankful that God put this man in my life. I think God puts loving people like that is our lives to help us better understand Him. I
trust that as you think back over the years of your life you will remember a great friend like mine. If they are living just send them out a little thank you, you might be surprised at how much that will mean to them. Thank you my dear friend, Joe.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Praise for Glenda L. Hunter from Dr. Jan C. Lemon

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to recommend Glenda Hunter as a wonderful speaker to share her outstanding story of courage and triumph. She truly sheds light on the misunderstood topic of Dissociative Identity Disorder and provides a venue unlike any other in the area of psychotherapy.

As a professor, I am always looking for ways to add to my curriculum with special guest. Mrs. Hunter has been to my counseling supervision class every year, and she brings such a personal account of her journey back to psychological health after years of torment. She helps other understand the core reasons for her disorder, and how certain issues in her life led to the development of multiple personalities that would become a part of her life.

She is very open about her early abuse, which is very interesting and educational for graduate students in counseling. She shares what was helpful in her journey and what treatments were not advantageous. Many of our current treatments, especially those that are provided in institutional facilities, are more detrimental than helpful.  Glenda shares in detail how she got through the therapy, worked through the issues, and embraced the integration process.

Mrs. Hunter is so inspirational and talks about looking at ourselves and our circumstances differently. She gives everyone something to reflect upon and brings in a strong element of personal faith.  As part of her healing, she shares how important it is to understand self-acceptance and self-worth.  The audience is inspired with hope, courage, and insight.

Please let me know if you need any other information. I believe that Glenda Hunter would enrich your audience and provide an excellent program


Jan C. Lemon, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC, NCSD
Assistant Professor

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Where will you spend Halloween?
Will you put on a disguise like
a witch, a skeleton, or a ghost?
Go to a haunted house
to see the frights?
Or carry a trick or treat bag?

Not for us survivors!
We have seen our share of
witches, skeletons, and ghost.
Right here in this support group we have unmasked
some people in our past that fit those
outfits you wear.

Disguises are not uncommon for us.
We have spent most of our lives
putting on whatever mask we were told to
We did this so often and so good
no one really knew who we were.

We come here
And work at taking off the mask
that we have so faithfully worn.
Finally exploring just who we are
without any cover-up.

Why would we go to a haunted house?
We lived in a house that held
enough fear for all our days.
Opening any closed door in itself
could hold an experience one would wish to forget.

Carry a trick or treat bag?
We have had many tricks played on us
to many to fit into a small bag.
We would be glad to have a bag of treats.

What a strange holiday to celebrate.
There are others out there like us
afraid to be left in the dark.
Or walking very softly not to be noisy
for fear of the response it might bring.

Everyone deserves a safe place.
A place to laugh and cry
telling their fears without worry.
May we help others
find what we have found.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick Or Treat

These three little words are spoken many times during the course of Halloween. Kids want to be treated to sweets. Adults want to be treated to fright houses. But the big thing is they all want to have a fun time that they can share with friends. Kids brag about how much candy they got to eat before they went to bed. While adults tell of the scary spook house they went to or the one they made. All will laugh and have a good time. I have never quit understood the joy of Halloween. I think it is because I lived in a house with a monster, which mistreated me many times. I was tricked into believing that I created the monster therefore the spooky house was of my making. That is an awful trick to play on someone. Don't let anyone trick you into believing that their bad behavior is your fault. Have your tricks and treats be great one that people will enjoy and talk about for a long time. Have a great safe time.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why Wear A Disguise?

Halloween is just a special time of the year that people get to dress up and pretend to be someone they are not. If you stop and think about it children do it all the time from being a dog and cat to a rock star. Wanting to be someone we are not just seems to come natural. As we get older our disguises just seem to change, people don't even know that we are wearing them. There are times we are not satisfied with who we are therefore we try to be who we think people want us to be. We might go as far as dress and speak like we assume someone else wants us to. WHY do we do that? We want to be accepted by other people. A great fear could be if they really know who I am they would not like me. Also we could not be real happy with who we are. If you not pleased with whom you are than change what you can. The rest learn to expect and capitalize on it make it work for you. You might be surprised at how great you really are. Am I saying never wear a disguise
not at all but I am suggesting you save them for special occasions. Let the real you shine out for all to see.

Friday, October 10, 2014

What or who am I going to be?

What or who am I going to be? This is the dilemma that faces many children and adults this time of the year.  Kids usually have an idea before Halloween ever gets here. Some have been thinking about it since last year because they like to pretend they are someone else. Adults like hiding behind mask so no one will know who they are they like to keep people guessing, the scarier the better for some people. It is interesting to see what children chose but I find it even more interesting to see what adults do. It tells you something about the person. Watch this year and see if you can figure out who is hiding behind the mask. Also think about what disguises you might see every day as you face the people you come in contact with. Come back next week and let's talk about why wear a disguise.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Have you ever thought about how you listen?
Do your ears hear the words and your mind begins to think?
Or do you hear the words and your heart begins to break?

Do you take time to listen to children?
Or do you think they don't even have anything worth saying?
How do you hear the words that are spoken with a whisper?

At times it is hard for children to really know what words to use.
And when they finally are able to speak, do you listen to those stammered words?
Or must it all be right and proper for you to really hear?

Some things that children have to tell are very hard to speak
They don't even know words that fit how bad they feel inside.
So stutter, cry, even run away is what they do instead.

They are very use to people not caring how they feel or what they say
That one more time is no big deal; they kind of expect it deep inside.
They will stop talking if someone doesn't start to listen carefully.

So please consider how you listen the next time a child comes to you.
Listen with your heart and help them to know that someone loves from deep inside.
That would be the greatest thing you could give anyone.

It cost something to listen with you heart and not just your ears
It could cost you sadness, tears, and nights with a little less sleep
But just think what it will mean to a hurting person to have someone really care.

The next time you start to listen with only your ears
Stop and think how would you want someone to listen to you?
If your answer is with their heart then model this greatness to all those coming in your path.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Children have many questions they need to ask. As does some adults I know. I also know that a mom and dad sometimes wants to change their name because they get tired of mom, mom, mom or dad, dad, dad but if they are not getting information from you than who? Do you listen? It is easy to shake your head and pretend to be listening. Yes I have done that probably too many times. When you learn that the time you have with your children really does fly by, it is time for them to start the next chapter in their life. Who do you want to give them the information they carry into the next chapter.

 It is easy to set them in front of the TV, computer and other electronic devices and let them entertain themselves and it can be very profitable if done in moderation. Think with me for a moment. What are they missing? They are missing a live person to interact with, one that can listen and talk to them. Someone that is asking about their day and really caring about how
things are in their life. Before long you are both being entertained. Also someone that can share knowledge and failures gained from their own live experience.

I was a little shocked when my granddaughter told me I was the only one that listened to her. I quickly thought of the number of people she comes in contact with every day and was left with a feeling of sadness. I wondered how many times my boys felt that same way. I would like to challenge you to take a few minutes on purpose every day to listen to your child or a child you come in contact with.

Children are full of all kinds of information. It will brighten your day and the child's at the same time. I would enjoy hearing your story about a brighter day with a child because you really listened to what they were saying. Happy listening.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Protect Those Precious Little Ones

Last week I wrote about encouraging children. This week I would like to talk to you about protecting them. I know you are probably thinking you would never let anything happen to your little child. I trust we all feel that way. Does that mean nothing will ever happen? I sadly tell you no. Things are not always in our control, we do not live in a perfect world. We do the very best we can, making decisions that we feel is in the best interest of our children. Like when you make a visit to school when you find out another child is giving your precious one a problem that they cannot solve. It is good to teach your children to take up for their self. But a bully doesn't really care what you have taught your child they are still going to be mean to them. Sometimes action needs to be taken to protect your child. When you take action it shows that you love them and will do your best to protect them. It is not just other kids that our children need protected
from. There are adults in the world that are making wrong decisions which sometimes involves children. You are shouting about right now that will never happen to my child. I trust and pray you are right. What if it does? What do you do? First of all quickly get them out of that situation (I know you already knew that but I just had to put it down). Report it and get them the help they need. Assure them it is not their fault. Do not grow weary of telling them it is not their fault. All of this keeps telling them that you are there and you are protecting them.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Children Need Encouraged

When was the last time you told your child you are proud of them? I don't think we tell our children what great people they are enough. I know I don't. It is unhealthy for them to hear only the bad about who they are. People are trying to eat better so their bodies will be healthier but what about what kids are fed verbally? That sticks with them long after the vegetables are gone. When they are corrected for something they do wrong you need to let them know it is the behavior you do not like. When they are led to believe that everything they do is wrong it gives them the feeling they will never measure up. That in itself could lead to bad behavior because they start to feel you are expecting it anyway besides they can do no better. Just think about yourself for a few minutes. If your boss is always yelling at you, even when you feel certain it was a great job how do you feel? I know how awful I feel for a long time after. If we are honest with
ourselves most all of us do. It is no different with kids, they are little people remember. Try to make a new habit if you don't already once a day to tell your kid or kids how special they are and you are proud of them. If you are serious they will know. Try it and see if there is a difference. If I could I would also tell our yelling bosses to take the same approach. Everyone is special and should be treated with respect.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Children are very special people so we should treasure them. We should let them know we treasure them. We need to help them build good positive characters. They need to know they are unique. They are the only one of their kind. There will never be another one of them. There might be someone that acts like them but they will never be exactly the same. Teach them to love who they are. I do not believe that means that we approve of wrong behavior that needs to be corrected. But instruct them in right choices. We need to let them know that who they are as a person is great because God designed them that way. How fantastic is that, a perfect design from God. Matter of fact that is a good thing for everyone to remember no matter the age. I really like the sound of that "we are made perfect."

Monday, August 25, 2014

Who does God say we are?

GOD SAYS WE ARE HIS CHILDREN. He made us. He made us out of His own image. Just think about how awesome that really is. The Bible does not say that He made anything else out of His image, just mankind. That makes us very special. He made us with free will. He did not want robots. He wants us to choose to love Him. He has given us the Bible in which He talks to us. It tells how much He loves us. In it He gives us guidelines on how to live our lives. He also tells us how to treat each other. There are godly men and women who have laid the groundwork for our walk with Him. But you also find how people struggled. His love is greater than I can fully comprehend. But I do know that He created us all with a plan in mind. We each have a purpose. Some of us might have to look a little harder than others but it is there waiting for us to claim it. God has made you who you are for a reason. What might it be? What job is waiting to be done by you?
"…And all of you are children of the Most High."-----Psalm 82:6 (NKJV)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Change is possible!!

Last week I talked about people giving you wrong information. If you have believed wrong information and just shook your head last week think about this. Change is possible! Changing your mind might take just a minute.  But changing your MINDSET is very difficult. Your mindset is the whole way you think. There are some steps you have to follow to make that happen. First, you have to be told by someone you trust that the bad information is wrong. Second, you have to believe the new information. Third, you have to receive it into your thinking.  Fourth, you have to say to yourself it is true. Lastly, you have to truly believe the positive and repeat it regularly. It is not an easy process but a doable one. Do not let negative words of your past and possibly your present dictate how you view yourself. An exercise for you, write down positive things people have said about you and branch out in your own mind for positive things. Keep them and read them
often. Hang with those positive people and dwell on what they say even if you think it is not all true. Most likely it is truer than you think. Write and let me know how the exercise turned out, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Don't believe wrong information!!!

From the time I was a child I knew who I was because of the information given to me. I was stupid, ugly, fat and would never amount to anything, a total failure. I was sure of those facts because the people that loved me told me so. As I was growing up it was confirmed over and over again. I never thought about questioning the information given to me by my family. I did work hard to change but it didn't seem to matter what I did the facts did not change. Deep inside I knew my family was right. I went to Bible College and Seminary not because I thought I was better than anyone else I just wanted to see if I could get smarter. I did not want to be stupid. I have proved that the information that was drilled in my head was wrong. Just because someone tells you who they think you are does not mean that is really who you are. Believe in yourself. Take a good look at who you are. Do you like who and what you see? I don't mean physically but who you really
are deep inside. If you don't like that person than change, the choice is up to you. Do not keep believing wrong information. It will drag you down and you are much to valuable to let that happen. Believe in yourself.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Praise for author Glenda L. Hunter

"The life of Glenda Hunter is an example of the life-changing possibilities within one. She uses her books to provide an account to the reader, a way to connect while allowing the reader to control the level of engagement of their senses. However, the woman, Glenda, wife, mother and grandmother telling her life-story fills the room. To listen to Glenda’s story is to engage one’s senses as they observe and sense her spirit fill a space and communicate to the listener, hope. Her life, her story, is one of captivating uncomfortableness. As Glenda speaks with the audience, the deep well of human resilience is present. Some might say, she is a manifestation of His hope, His light, through a series of events that demonstrates the revealed battle for her, her heart, mind and soul." ~  Dr. Rob Ward, Ph. D,  Psychology

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Deep inside lies the true person that we are
On top of that person is put who people tell us we are
On top of that is who we think we are
What I find to win sometimes is who people say we are
Especially when it is negative
They pound it into your soul
They say it in a believable manner
Until it just screams at you
That is how you begin to think
Before long that is how you act
That is how you let people treat you
You become smothered under the weight
Do you need to let it forever take your breath away?
NO, I say, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!
It is hard to push that garbage up and out
But it really can be done!!
But until then the person you really are is buried
This causes you to have a hard time finding it
Others might see that person peeking out
But you will not even recognize it if it stared you in the face
Who is that stranger people talk about, you might say
It is a person you do not believe exists
But your eyes are so tinted that realness does not show up
You believe the person you THINK you are is real
You think that because of misinformation
The information screamed at you is loud but incorrect
How to change that incorrect person you see
Replace it with the person others are saying they see
Let those words scream in your brain
Let those right things be so loud the wrong begins to leave
It would be great to happen over night
But the trueness of the whole thing is it takes time
But it is time well spent, to uncover the real person
The real person will probably be someone you will like
Give it a shot, what can it hurt
Start digging to find the real person that lies within
See who you are really meant to be
Oh person deep within come out, come out however deep
Keep pushing until the light you see
There really is sunlight for your weary eyes
See you soon the real me deep within.

(c) Glenda L. Hunter   2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do you need to clean up?

Have you ever walked in mud as a child? It seeps through your toes and your feet sink. The next step is just as gooey. Sometimes you just keep walking especially when you are with a friend, it just seems much more fun when you can share it with someone else that enjoys the gooey feeling. Oh, the laughter it can bring but before long the mud seems to be flying every place. The thing I want to bring to your attention is even as a kid you eventually have to clean up. It is the same way with the goo we carry from life's events. You might have thought it was fun at the moment but at some point we have to rethink what we have done or are doing. If we are not careful we are carrying a lot of dry mud around that keeps chipping off and causing problems. It is better to take a full bath washing very well between your toes and scrubbing off all the mud. Get a fresh start. Unlike a kid who has no choice about getting that dirty nasty mud off, we do. When a child
gets all cleaned up the mom inspects to make sure it is a job well done. But who inspects us as adults? God does, He will help you get clean. You think no one is watching and it does not matter how you are? It really does matter the person you think doesn't even know you are around might be the one that is watching you the closest. I guess the most important thing is to keep your life clean and you won't have to worry about who is watching you. They might be surprise at how clean you can keep. Yes we will make mistakes but He will help you clean back up. If you are tired of walking or sinking in the mud give God a try. You might be surprised at how well you clean up.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Prayer for you

I just want to share a prayer that is in my workbook "Who Me? Worthwhile? Yes, You".
Dear God, Allow me to come to you in all my brokenness so you can fix me as good as new. Open my eyes that I might see you, open my ears that I might hear you, and open my heart that I might feel you. Amen
You might wonder why I would choose to share a prayer like that but the answer is simple. Sometimes we forget how important we are to God in spite of our brokenness. He can and will fix us if we allow Him. Broken people are Gods specialty. Opening all or our self to Him we will be able find His will for us.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Excerpt from my book “Who Me? Worthwhile? Yes, You!”

The Bible is full of many helpful things and examples. But I think the greatest is how He has created us to have a free will. This shows to me how much He really loves us. He gives us choices in our lives. I cannot fully comprehend how great that love really is but I do know that He has created us with a plan in mind being in His image tells me that is the case. We each have a purpose. Some of us might have to look a little harder than others but it is there waiting for us to claim it. God has made you who you are for a reason. What might it be?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

exerpt from my book "Who Me? Worthwhile? Yes, You!"

I have always felt like I was not good enough for anything. Therefore, everything I tried I did in fear. I was afraid that if people really found out who I was they certainly would not like me. Everything I worked for would be over. Being fearful can cause you to always be looking over your shoulder wondering what was going to happen next. You become afraid that something bad was waiting down the line for you, therefore, you chose to stand still. When fear controls you, you do not move far or at all. Let God help you get over the fears that cause you to shudder whenever you think of facing the world. The world can be scary enough place without carrying added, unnecessary fear. What will you do with your fear? I have chosen. Let God handle those kinds of fears in my life. It is not always easy but worth the effort.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have garbage in my life from childhood because of what was done to me. They shoveled it in and I could do nothing. I carried it I had no choice but now I do. The choices are let it stink up my life or throw it away. Getting rid of it is not always easy but it can be done. When that smelly stuff gets thrown away what a relief it is. Your whole life starts smelly better and opening the door to others is even easier. Do you have garbage in your life? I would challenge you to throw it away. It might not be easy but I know you can do it. You might think I don't even know what garbage you have or how you've had it and that is right. But I do know what garbage I had and how long I carried it. If I can do it I know you can. Remember you are not alone we are here to help each other. I believe in you because God made you special just like He did me. Happy tossing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


    Changing one's way of thinking about oneself is important. Most people I have come across who have been abused have a poor self-image. The degradation of the abuse helps feed this kind of image. There is hope. You can by the help of God, change the image you have of yourself. It involves self-talk in a positive way. We are used to telling ourselves how bad we are, but we need to start telling ourselves how good we are. If there are things about yourself you don't like and you can change them, then change them. It you cannot change them, learn to accept them and go on.

Friday, February 28, 2014


I had a great interview with Cyrus Webb last night it again reminded me how fortunate I am to have such supporting people in my life. I would not be where I am today without my loving spouse and sons. That is not to down play what my therapist and good friends have done. But these guys are the people I lived with every day they helped me through many difficult times that seemed impossible. I know not everyone is as blessed as I am. I would like for you to know people like me are out here for you to help in your journey if you just reach out your hand and let us hold onto it as you walk your path. We need each other along life's walk so reach out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are You Worhtwhile?

Many people have a low self-image. We think we are who others say we are, when in fact their view of us might be very wrong. It is easy to see good qualities and values in other people, but when it comes to who we are, the tables can get turned. Our vision is sometimes colored by what hides deep inside. My workbook "Who Me? Worhtwhile? Yes, You!" is designed to help us take a deep look into what makes us the people we are. Looking in Scripture helps us to reevaluate who we are in God. It gives us the hope and help needed to better our lives. God is there in all that we go through. He can, will, and does help us live through events thought to be too tough to handle. He changes us in ways we only thought we could dream would happen. He give us value beyond measure. He is the one who ultimately measures our worth. Check out my workbook because the answer to the question is a big YES YOU ARE WORTHWHILE!! Believe it, claim it, hold onto it and don't let
anyone ever tell you different. When in doubt ask God. He will always give you the right answer He does not lie.

Are You Worthwhile?

Many people have a low self-image. We think we are who others say we are, when in fact their view of us might be very wrong. It is easy to see good qualities and values in other people, but when it comes to who we are, the tables can get turned. Our vision is sometimes colored by what hides deep inside. My workbook "Who Me? Worhtwhile? Yes, You!" is designed to help us take a deep look into what makes us the people we are. Looking in Scripture helps us to reevaluate who we are in God. It gives us the hope and help needed to better our lives. God is there in all that we go through. He can, will, and does help us live through events thought to be too tough to handle. He changes us in ways we only thought we could dream would happen. He give us value beyond measure. He is the one who ultimately measures our worth. Check out my workbook because the answer to the question is a big YES YOU ARE WORTHWHILE!! Believe it, claim it, hold onto it and don't let
anyone ever tell you different. When in doubt ask God. He will always give you the right answer He does not lie.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

AN UNSPEAKABLE SECRET by Glenda L. Hunter chosen as Conversations' Feb. book club pick

AN UNSPEAKABLE SECRET has been chosen as Conversations' Book Club selection for the month of February.

Watch the video to see Conversations' founder Cyrus Webb discuss ways you can join the discussion and ask questions of the author.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I have been reading about people that have used their God given talent to encourage others along the way. This reminds me of the people in my life that have helped me in numerous ways sometimes a word, a joke, a smile, or just to sit alongside me when times were tough. Are you Important? YES of course!!! We sometimes are misled by the fact that people have to be important according to the world view. It is not that view that really counts. It is God's view. Are you doing the job He has for you? If your answer is yes hold your head high and keep on following His leading. If you think you are to damaged you are wrong God can fix the broken. God has something in store for you hold your head up and accept what He has. Take courage and take that first step the rest will come. God has something in store for you hold your head up and accept what He has. Take courage and take that first step the rest will come.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"It Finally Happened"

My first children's book has been published. It will be available for purchase at my book signing this Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Pearl Library in Pearl, MS. I hope to see you there.

Early Reviews:

Savannah, age 6,says "It was great! My favorite parts were where they had manicures and pedicures and when the girl fell down."

"This is a great book relatable story. It's almost like my life in a way. If you like a fun great book and party this is the book for you."
Grace T., age 8 ¾

"I love this book!!! I think all little girls should read it. It is just like me."
Sydney, age 9