Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I have lost someone very dear to me
I wonder how am I going to keep on moving
My sleep is taken from me and replaced with you
I wake thinking I cannot move from this spot
But I slowly drag myself out of bed
Place my feet on the floor and begin my day
Another day of missing you and loneliness
I get ready for work wishing I could talk to you
My steps are not fast but at least I move
I long to hear your voice, see your smile, feel your hug
Those days are no longer going to be
I'm not sure I can handle what live is now
I don't know that I want to really go on
Losing you is just so very hard, my heart breaks
I push on because I must, I must keep going
People smile at me as they pass
I smile back but they don't know how I cry inside
My heart is broken, life will never be the same
Time has passed since I last laid eyes on you
Many days I cry inside because I still miss you
I have learned to keep pushing in spite of my loss
No one will ever replace you my dear
There is only one you so special and precious
Forever you will have a piece of my heart
I celebrate our time together and rejoice
I smile at the mention of your name
I am a very privileged person to have known you
I am a better person because of you my dear
I will live my life to its fullest knowing you see
Knowing you would be a big part if you were here
And knowing that love continues in spite of separation
Dear love rest in peace and love
We will be rejoined sometime in the future
But now I will live with a little less sun shine
But a smile none the less because I look for the reunion
Love you from the bottom of my heart
I'm sending you an enormous hug and big kiss
To hold you until we meet again. LOVE YOU DEAR

Friday, January 19, 2018


I just wrote about loss and I thought the next step is grief. At the end of the article on loss I gave a couple of suggestions you can do in helping deal with said loss but in no way do I think it will take the total grief away. Before I begin first I looked up the word grief to see what good Mr. Webster has to say, "deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement".  I looked in the thesaurus to see what other word could be used for poignant that would help the meaning become more alive. There are a number of words but the one I find that describes the loss of a loved one is 'heartbreaking'. Breaking of one's heart is really what happens at the time of a loved ones passing. We hold our deep feelings in our heart. How many time have you said "I love you with all my heart"? I know I have said that little phrase more than once. When I say it I want the person to know I love
them greatly. So when a dear loved one passes it breaks our heart. We long for them to be back. We have a deep pain that no one can really touch. Other people will have their own pain. I find myself unhappy, miserable, the sorrow is great and the feeling of woe is on me and takes over. The grieving has become full blown. The period of grieving has begun. How long is this period? Maybe you could answer that for me. I cannot tell you it will only last for a week, a month or even a year, it will last as long as it needs to. But the key is not to wallow in the loss and lose sight of the living. You have a life here and now. You have people that are still here that love you and need you. I know it doesn't feel like it because all feels lost. That does not mean others replace the one love you just lost but they need you. When the person was living you loved more than just them so in their passing you don't stop loving others in your life. Sometimes our behavior is read by others that we have stopped loving them when we get so overwhelmed with the grieving we stop living as we should. We are on a shutdown mode to everything around us. I have never lost a child or spouse but I have others that have for a time they lose sight of everyone around them. I have seen the great pain and loss in their eyes that goes deeper than one can explain. If that is you I understand the loss is great but allow someone to help you the best they can. For any loss try these things to help you get to through the days of your grief. Find that good friend that you can cry on their shoulder or that will just sit with you in silence. Think about making a quit or pillow out of pieces of their clothing to help with the visual part of the healing. Write about how deep you feel the loss. Write about the things you think no one will understand. No one really knows your hurt like you. But do keep in mind that when a person says they understand they are trying to help in a hurting situation. Remember everyone has grieved or will we should love and grow from each other's experience. We need each other. Grieve as you must, hold onto anything of theirs that helps, move at your pace but don't shut out the rest of the world. Allow God to help heal your broken heart. Psalms 147:7a "He heals the brokenhearted" Except the help of others and God during your grieving. Have a great day.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I have been trying to write on the topic of losing someone and have found it hard to put my thoughts in words. I have decided I should write about how losing someone has affected me. I know it affects all of us in different ways but I think that the general feeling is the same. I have lost people in my life that I was not really close to, that could even be a family member. When that happens I have a feeling of lose but not a real big void. If it is family it might appear that I could care less. But the truth is there is still a spot that only they will have and there are times that it aches because I can no longer visit with them. But the people that I hold very dear to my heart when they pass away it leaves me with a lot of different feelings which cause more emotions. The loss is greater the vacuum seems to be humongous. It seems that I will never recover. I am reminded of the time I got the phone call telling me of my sister-in-law's death, she was like a dear sister. It was unexpected and I was in total shock. I think anytime a person dies unexpectedly it is a shock. I handed the phone back to my younger sister without a word and fell on the bed where I stayed for a while. I hardly spoke to anyone for at least three days. When I got back home after the memorial service I still had very few words. My heart was full of the pain from the loss. I have reached for the phone a number of times to call her but realized that I would never be able to tell her anything again except in my mind and heart. Then the tears began to flow. Loss is hard, even harder when we love deeply. What do we do with all of this sorrow? I guess that is the big question. Do we not love? Not at all or we would miss a lot of great blessings. We would also miss the great fellowship with some wonderful people. I'm not sure there is one correct way to handle loss since every human is different but there are some things I think are helpful.  First of all we must remember that they will always be with us, in our heart. No matter what happens we are able to carry them in there and treasure every memory we have of them. Also it is okay to cry even years after the fact just because you still miss them. Something might come up that makes you think of that person and tears might just roll down your face because you still carry that love. You also might find yourself laughing because something was said or done that made you think of something funny that the two of you shared. Another great idea I've heard of is taking some of their clothes and making quits or pillows as a way of keeping them close and a great visual memory. You can hug it as if to hug them. We all have people we love and cherish. That does not have to end because they no longer walk on this earth. Honor their memory by living your life to the fullest and celebrating their life. I am sure that is what your dear loved ones would want for you. I know that is what my sister-in-law would want for me. Eleven years after her death I still think of her often and wish I could talk to her and sometimes I do in my mind and heart. I am reminded that while she was here she lived her life to its fullest and she would expect me to do the same, she would not expect me to stop doing the things that made me happy and fulfilled. Psalms 147:3a says "He heals the brokenhearted" allow God to heal the brokenness of your heart at the loss of your loved one so you can live the full life He has ahead for you. May God richly bless your days with His rest and comfort.