Author Glenda L. Hunter

Author Glenda L. Hunter

Friday, June 24, 2016

Magic Slippers

At the end of the movie the Wizard of Oz, Glinda the good witch says to Dorothy "Those magic slippers will take you home." Dorothy clicked her heels and there she was home again. I would love to have some magic slippers that I could just click my heels and be wherever I wanted. At least I think I would. Who knows where I would go? What if that place is not really where God wants me to be at that moment? What a mess I could find myself in all because I just had to go right there right now. The place might not be the problem. The problem could just be the timing. If I go to fast I might not have the learning experiences needed to handle the situation I find myself in at that moment. It might just cause me to stumble around getting no place real fast. It also might cause more hurt than help to others and myself. Matter of fact I would miss all the wonderful opportunities that life's journey takes me on. I have found times of storms to be a great learning experience, not to joyful sometimes but learning. I need to be willing to walk through those storms to get to the good stuff or blessings. Is there good stuff or blessings you might ask? I believe there is. We just have to keep pushing until we reach them. I guess I will stop searching for the magical shoes that will take me directly to where I wish to go. Instead I will leave on my old worn tennis shoes and keep walking even if sometimes the walk gets very slow and I ache from the path I travel. Have you been searching for your magical slippers? Maybe you need to join me by putting on your old worn tennis shoes, tie them up and keep walking. It is really not how fast you get there it is that you get there. God will still be there when you arrive even if it takes you longer than you want. God will help us on our life's journey if we let Him. He also knows how fast we need to go. We need to let Him provide the magic slippers if He wants us there in an instant. Have a great time walking.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Be a friend, have a friend.

When I heard my phone ring and saw who was calling I was excited to see it was my dear friend. I had not talked to her for a long while so I quickly answered my phone with a chipper voice. To find the person on the other end was a not the chipper voice I had expected. It was a sad frustrated one as she began to pour out her heart to me I understood why. Her daughter was very ill had been in and out of the hospital. Bottom line she needed surgery. The surgery could not be done right now the wait was a month out. Her daughter was in pain and she just didn't know what to do for her. After she talked for a few minutes she calmed down a little. I tried to comfort her with what little words of wisdom I could think of. But I could not assure her that her daughter would come out of this in great shape. I trust that will be the case but I am not a doctor. The doctor is the only one that can give her that assurance. What I am is a friend that can listen and be for support in whatever way is possibly can. There are times that is all a person needs is someone to listen and care. We don't always need to fix things. People don't always need a fixer upper they just need a friend. They need someone that loves, cares, and is willing to listen without being judgmental. Always pattern to others how you would like them to act to you when you call them in a difficult situation. You never know when you will be the one that gets the curve ball and need a friend that just loves and cares for you. Be a friend, have a friend. Have a great day.